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10 Reasons Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Called The Modern Royals

Love stories of the world's royal families have always piqued the interest of people around the world. They're essentially fairytales brought to life, and this couldn't be more true for newly-engaged couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 


Photo from @alexilubomirski


While low-key for most of their relationship, the lovebirds were instantly thrust in the public eye since they officially announced their engagement. The couple's global audience isn't just watching closely out of curiosity, though; there are truly unique things about Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship that have made the world fall head over heels in love with them. 

Check out 10 reasons why Prince Harry and Meghan are lovingly called Britain's, if not the world's, first pair of truly modern royals. 


1. Prince Harry is marrying a commoner.

Photo from @MeghanMarkle 


Prince Harry has chosen Meghan, an American woman with no royal ties, to spend his life with. While the British royal family has welcomed commoners in the past, they still hold a preference for heirs and heiresses to choose spouses with royal lineage. Prince Harry follows his older brother's footsteps in this sense, with both princes diverging from an age-old tradition that most monarchies from around the world have fought to uphold for centuries. The royal love story is getting an upgrade! 


2. Meghan has been married in the past.

Not only is Meghan a commoner; she's been previously married too. Members of Britain's monarchy were previously forbidden from marrying divorcees, but Prince Harry, while very much adhering to many royal traditions, has shown the world that love can forgive and let go of the past. It's a bold move for a high-profile monarch like him, but it's proved to be a favorable one for the royal family who Britons thought have become out of touch with the times. Is Prince Harry heralding a new era for them? We hope so. 


3. Meghan comes from a Catholic background.

It's known that Meghan attended a Catholic school in her youth. The British monarchy was once closed-minded about spouses with different religious affiliations, but now allows them to be converted. All members of the royal family, including spouses, must be baptized and confirmed into the Church of England where the Queen rules as its Supreme Governor. Meghan is reportedly going to be baptized in a separate ceremony before her wedding day. It's commitment to her husband-to-be at its strongest. 


4. They met on a blind date.

A still taken from a joint interview by CNN and BBC published in November 


That's right! This relationship began with a blind date set up by a friend. It's unusual to hear about a real-life prince doing something so normal, but it's further proof of Harry's unconventional yet relatable ways. The two developed feelings for each other over time like ordinary couples, and were in no way arranged to be betrothed. The two are definitely marrying for love. 


5. Harry prepared a no-frill proposal.

In their first interview as an engaged couple, the two shared that Harry simply got down on one knee while the two were spending time together in his Kensington Palace apartment and making dinner. It was Prince Harry's own plan and there were no royal trumpets or bells to signal the event, no assistants or people from the royal entourage around to witness it. Meghan, of course, said yes. It wasn't grand, but it was intimate and romantic. It's safe to say that it was the best roast chicken they've ever had! 


6. Prince Harry publicly came to Meghan's defense. 

The prince had no qualms about fulfilling his role as Meghan's protective boyfriend. In November, Prince Harry released a statement through his communications secretary on regarding the public online harassment Meghan was facing. He pleaded for the media and general public to grant her her privacy—an atypical move for a royal to make, especially for an unmarried couple. He cites his own discomfort in having his private life exposed, further pleading that revealing or publishing intimate details about he and Meghan's relationship was not "all part of the game"—rather, it is her life and his, and must be respected. A living knight in shining armor Prince harry truly is. 


7. Meghan is opinionated, and doesn't try to hide it.

Photo from @MeghanMarkle


British royal family members and their spouses are groomed to behave and speak with restraint and refinement. But not Meghan. Being a Hollywood actress and a staunch UN advocate for women empowerment, Meghan speaks her mind and is unafraid to share her views. (The Suits actress has openly criticized US President Donald Trump and BREXIT, for instance). While she may have to hold back her bold opinions when she begins representing the royal family, Meghan will always be known to be opinionated and outspoken. Yes, she'll be a princess, but it doesn't mean she'll be all beauty without brains or emotional brawn. 


8. They're getting married on a weekend and in a more intimate venue. 

When it comes to the actual ceremony, the couple will be upholding many British royal wedding traditions, with the clear exception of scheduling it on a weekend. They're set to wed on Saturday, May 19, whereas royal weddings have always been held on a weekday. (Hence the British bank holiday). They've also chosen to get married at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, a more intimate venue, as opposed to the much larger and popular Westminster Abbey.


9. Just like Meghan, Prince Harry is an open book. 

Royals are not expected or advised to share intimate details of their lives to the public. They are taught to always project an image of collectedness and level-headedness. But in his youth, Prince Harry had built a reputation for being the "royal rebel," (does anyone remember the Nazi costume fiasco, or how he faced accusations of driving under the influence as a 16-year-old?) and in a recent interview with Bryony Gordon Mad World, opened up about receiving therapy for mental and emotional stress a few years ago at the urging of his brother. This humanizing account of how the stress from losing his mother affected him opened up a new dimension to the now adult Harry.  


10. Their engagement photos say it all. 

Photo form @alexilubomirski


And then, the engagement photos came. Just one look at the photos shot by photographer Alexi Lubomirski and it becomes clear that the two are much more open when it comes to showing their love and commitment to each other. (Compare their photos with those of Prince William and Kate and see a marked difference). It's a divergence from the otherwise formal demeanor of royal couples, even during personal and joyous occasions like this. Showing that royals can be very much in love just like the rest of us has brought them closer to people's hearts.