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3 Inspiring Filipinas Share Their Heart-Tugging Stories To Becoming Empowered Women

With the International Women’s Day celebrated last March 8, this whole month has been dedicated to recognizing the achievements of women in various aspects and fields. Observed the world over, this is an opportunity to not only honor women’s contributions in the society but also a chance for these women to inspire, motivate, and encourage other women to be the best versions of themselves, too!

In line with this worldwide event, clothing brand Levi’s® launches its #IShapeMyWorld campaign to celebrate female form, in all its forms. The collection that stars in the campaign is the Levi’s® 300 Shaping Series, which are jeans that slim the tummy, lift the butt, and lengthen the legs. 

Through a series of online videos, the brand shares stories of bold, extraordinary women who have shaped the world on their own terms, fought for their dreams and beliefs, and soldiered on no matter how difficult their situations may be.

First launched in India in March 2017, the campaign returns with more inspirational and aspirational women who set examples on shattering glass ceilings and picking those little pieces of glass right up to reshape the society or community for the better.

This time, three empowered Filipinas become instrumental in celebrating the achievements of not just women but Filipina women in their chosen fields. Meet the women who are part of Levi's #IShapeMyWorld campaign.



Love-Love Tioseco



This TV host, radio broadcaster, and motoring journalist became the only female superbiker in the Philippines in 2000. 18 years later, she remains the only woman racing a 1000cc displacement motorcycle in the country. Standing out in a sport where stamina is of the essence is one thing; landing a spot on the top five against 15-20 other men in several competitions is another.

Despite disparaging comments, Love-Love never loses the fire in her and that burning desire to win more races. Nothing, it seems, can stop her from doing more of what she loves—yes, not even a vehicular accident that left her in the hospital for a month and bedridden at home for another three. If anything, with the accident, she was even able to turn the negative experience into a positive one by becoming a road safety advocate.



“I have accepted that you cannot please everybody. I love my passion. Criticisms, bashers, haters, none of you guys can put me down”



Wiji Lacsamana



Wiji is a multifaceted woman. She is not only an illustrator, natural perfumer, and tattoo artist, she is also an advocate for cruelty-free products. She specializes in watercolor tattoos and those that make use of vegan ink. She also runs her homegrown brand Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest, which offers wanderlust-inspired scents.

She believes that, when creating things, the positive impact on the environment and future generations must always be considered.



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“Your own little way can help change the world because if you affect one person this way, you inspire them to live this way. Then hopefully they’ll inspire another person and just pay it forward"



Jasmine Mendiola



The life journey of this work-from-home mom, bridal makeup expert, and style and image consultant had not been as glamorous as her last two jobs. She was a single mom whose son suffered from and survived Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. The challenges and struggles didn’t stop there.

After giving birth to her third child, Jasmine had to go through an emergency hysterectomy that resulted to the removal of her uterus. After the operation, not only did she encounter complications such as acute kidney failure, she also needs to live with the fact that she won’t be able to bear a child again.

Instead of wallowing, however, Jasmine now happily lives with her three kids, her fiancé and their three step-children.



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“When you feel that life just gets too much for you for whatever reason, don’t doubt yourself, believe in your own strength and shape your mind according to how you want to live your life.”


Photos courtesy of Levi's Philippines