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These 5 Island Boys Of Instagram Will Make Summer Even Hotter

As if summer couldn’t get any hotter, these island boys have fired up a bonfire burning with charm and a pack of, ahem, abs all over Instagram, and we couldn’t help but stalk and lurk around.

Warning: the following gallery of photos may induce shortness of breath and palpitations due to excessive heat. Make sure to prepare a tall glass of cold water beside you, just to be sure.


South Cebu’s Charlie Sutcliffe (@grooveling)



Turns out there is 7,641 Islands. C’mon Philippines let’s make it 10,000 ??

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Charlie Sutcliffe roves around beaches after beaches all while building a hostel in his paradise home. Cebu’s resident island boy is half British and half Filipino. He’s a proud dad to his huskies and obviously loves them as much as he loves his fitness regime.





The island life ?? #HostelLaVista #Cebu #IslandBoy

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If you’re wondering where to spot him, head on over to Hostel La Vista in Alegria, South Cebu which is just 10 minutes away from the famed Kawasan Falls. You can only hope he’s there and not out in the sea looking for the rest of 7, 641 islands in the Philippines.



Life's a beach ???? #rockpoolph #siargao #islandboy • ?? @pemoren

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Siargao Island’s Mark McMahon (@markmcmahon1)



Half Scottish-half Filipino Mark McMahon is an ambassador of hope and coaches the Siargao Island Kids football team. Do I need to go on?



The stars must have aligned in his favor because this Scorpio gets to live in the island everyone is crazy about. Not to mention the dreamy island dogs and cats that follow him around this slice of heaven. He also has his own babe. It’s a Chow and he calls him by the name Theo.





Roasted ?? #siargao #flabsout #bytherocks

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Life is so simple but people complicate it.?? #sunbathing #selfie

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Samar Island’s Dylan Castillo (@dylancastillo)




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Smitten by the sun and sand, Dylan left the city in exchange for a life among the waves—at least that’s what his IG bio says.



Feelin’ the wave ?????

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He has an eye for photography. Of course, like a natural born son of the sea, he loves to take photos of the ocean and the surrounding greens. He gets rave comments about them because TBH, his shots are breathtaking.



Hello universe ????

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He is now a full-time island boy who surfs according to his heart’s desires.




Been chewing so much lately ?? #JawWorkOut

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La Union’s Luke Landrigan (@lukelandrigan)



Slip n slide ?? @mattpowerphoto

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Oh, we all know Luke. Apart from owning one of the most popular surf schools in San Juan, La Union, he also starred in Paul Soriano’s recent film, Siargao. He’s probably the first face to pop in your head when people mention surfing in the Philippines.



Sabado ?? @gapssabuero

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Where to next? ?? @skyjetair ?? @billabongasia ?? @gapssabuero

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He may be a water beast, but he really is a softie when it comes to his two kids, Kai and Luna, and his equally hot surfer-girl partner, Danika Nemis.


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Sometimes, when he’s out of the ocean, he joins Jericho Rosales’ wolf pack of motorcycle riders including Drew Arellano and Kuya Kim Atienza, among others. You’ll find them crisscrossing roads, both paved and rough.



Lahar bound

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Sydney, Australia’s Chris Sontowski (@chris_sontowski)



This 21-year old beach bum from the land down under is all parts hot and sexy.




Chris is a Sydney-based photographer who spends most his time travelling from coast to coast.





His IG posts were mostly checked in Bondi Beach, South Wales so if you’re heading down there, you’ll know where to find him.