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Metro Safe & Sound: Meet The 92AD Band, And Watch Their Heartwarming Performance This Palm Sunday

"Music is powerful because it touches the soul in many ways"

Holy Week this year is different across the globe because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Due to the implementation of community quarantine in various parts of the world, it cannot be observed and commemorated the traditional way. 

Filipinos usually spend Holy Week by doing the Visita Iglesia, a lenten tradition wherein people visit seven churches on Maundy Thursday. Or, by going to a church and doing the Stations of the Cross.

For obvious reasons, people will have to break these traditions, as everyone is not only encouraged but mandated to stay at home in order to stay safe from the deadly virus.  

As the world ushers the advent of virtual efforts during this challenging time, in lieu of these religious practices, Metro.Style has organized an unplugged music video series to keep the spirit and celebrate the true meaning of Holy Week. Dubbed the "Metro Safe & Sound," this initiative will be for the benefit of ABS-CBN's Pantawid ng Pag-Ibig campaign.

Metro Safe & Sound: Katrina Saga Brings Joy Through Music This Holy Week


Metro Safe & Sound: Katrina Saga Brings Joy Through Music This Holy Week

Metro Safe & Sound: Catch UST Singers' Performance This Black Saturday


Metro Safe & Sound: Catch UST Singers' Performance This Black Saturday

We kick off this Holy Week celebration with a performance by the 92AD band on April 5, Palm Sunday. Read about this talented band below, as one of its founding members, Love Capulong, shares what their group is all about.

How and when was 92AD formed? What's the story behind the name?

"92AD was formed in 1995 when all of its founding members have graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University. The name commemorates 1992, which was a significant year for us. We were all members of the Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club, and in 1992, we embarked on a very memorable concert tour in the U.S. and Canada. That event sealed a bond of brotherhood among us."


Who are the members of the group and how many are you in it?

"The original members of 92AD numbered about a dozen. But some have focused on their families or have migrated abroad. There are currently eight of us in the group: Abet Enero, Ayie Remonte, Deo Cruz, Ed Capulong, Junby Carlos, Love Capulong, Marsha Urgino and Yayen Gallardo."

What music genre do you specialize in?

"Since we trace our roots to the Ateneo Glee Club back in college, we were trained to sing classical, religious and folk music. So after graduation and when we formed our group 92AD, we have retained that affinity to religious and inspirational songs. Through the years we have diversified into more contemporary music. Now, we really enjoy doing standards and pop for a wide variety of events and special occasions."


Where does 92AD usually perform?

"We’d like to think that we are in your most memorable and significant life occasions, where our music either provides soothing comfort or happy entertainment that makes any occasion more special. We are there in every stage of a person’s life. We’ve performed in baptisms, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals, corporate functions, hotels, television, recording, and digital. We even had a movie appearance!"

What were some of your group's remarkable performances?

"We’ve been very blessed to have been given the chance to perform for and with very notable personalities in government, business and the entertainment industry, both in very intimate gatherings and big concert venues. Some may say that our most remarkable performance would be the privilege given to us when we were asked by Jamie Rivera to record the Jubilee song with her back in 2000. That album awarded us with a quadruple platinum recognition. For us, though, it is when we know our songs have touched the hearts of many that we know we are doing right. That is when it becomes remarkable!"


During this time of crisis, do you believe music has the power to heal and soothe the soul?

"Absolutely. Music is powerful because it touches the soul in many ways; it stirs up a whole range of emotions and moves a person to either take leaps or baby steps towards the future. On the surface, music can provide a respite, an escape even, from all the noise one may be hearing during these difficult times. But more than being a source of comfort, it can also inspire and empower the soul to keep fighting and forging on, no matter how dire the circumstances may be."


Watch 92AD's Palm Sunday performance for Metro's Safe & Sound Holy Week Series below:  

Catch the other performances at  the same time on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday, and Easter Sunday every 4p.m. on Metro Channel and Metro.Style's YouTube channel

Photos courtesy of 92AD