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EXCLUSIVE: Ambra Gutierrez Spills The Details On Her Life In NYC—Plus, Her Steal-Worthy Beauty Tips

The #MeToo advocate, Time Magazine Person of the Year, and Victoria’s Secret model spills the details on her life in the Big Apple, beauty regimen, and addiction to ube.


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On Ambra: Top and skirt by by Versus Versace


Filipino-Italian model Ambra Gutierrez is making a comeback as one of the most sought-after faces for numerous international brands. Earlier this year, she booked a gig with Victoria’s Secret, placing her alongside fellow Filipinas, Miss Universe First Runner-Up Janine Tungonon and Metro.Style cover girl Kelsey Merritt.

In this Metro.Style exclusive, learn more about Ambra’s new and exciting life in New York City!



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New York minute

Given her busy schedule, Ambra makes it a point to be very organized. “It’s always a full day when you live in New York. There’s always something to do. If I wake up early and I'm attending a casting, I try to cook for the day and then go to the gym and work out. I try to do something that’s active in the morning. Then if I have a working day, the call time’s usually very early, so work’s from 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. If there are events, I just come home and change and go out again.”

The model also frontloads some of her tasks, to avoid them from piling up. “I also have a podcast, so there are days I am busy with that. [There are days when] I work on it for just two hours, but sometimes, I’d have full days of interviews because I try to schedule as much as I can, most specially because I know I’ll be busy with work for many days.”


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Beauty tips

A natural beauty, Ambra shares that she does need help from time to time. That’s why she always brings a mascara and eyelash curler with her wherever she goes. These beauty tools help polish her look. “If possible, have a mascara and a curler in ALL your bags,” she shares. “You’ll never know when you’ll need them!”

Whenever she travels, the model always makes it a point to bring a pair of black high heels that could take her from go-sees to socials. Ambra also shares a beauty tip she learned from her mother: “Have your manicure always. Having beautiful hands is important. It’s like your business card, having well-groomed hands.”


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Photos that show why Ambra is our beauty peg and #FitnessGoals


Photos from @ambragutierrez




In between pictorials, shows, and fittings, Ambra makes sure to put her mind to rest: “I like walking. I try to reach at least ten thousand steps per day. Not only does it burn calories, it also helps me clear my mind.”

The Victoria’s Secret model is also a fan of piano music. She says, “When I chill and rest, I listen to piano without lyrics, just the sound of that. It really helps me relax. I like a composer, Yiruma. I find his work very modern, romantic, and melancholic, the way he expresses himself. He’s my favorite.” Aside from listening to her favorite piano tracks, Ambra also enjoys watching romantic comedies on Netflix.

When she has the luxury of time, Ambra likes picking up a good book as well, saying, “I like reading books that would teach me how to be healthier, holistically. For example, psychology books or books about what to eat—things that can improve [my] knowledge about getting healthier in general.”


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Fashion plate

Blessed by the gods with near-perfect good looks and an hourglass physique, Ambra confesses she isn’t a fan of hitting the gym, so she prefers switching things up. “I can’t stay in the gym. I get bored so easily! I try to do different things. Let’s say rock climbing or surfing or trapeze or generally workouts that teach me something new and fun,” she tells Metro.Style

She’s also very careful with what she eats, being intolerant to gluten. Her diet consists mainly of quinoa, corn, fish, vegetable, and fruit. Ambra shares, “I also find that many people get frustrated when they go on a diet and not lose weight. People should try to get tested [for food intolerance], so you they would know what they should and should not be eating. Knowing the right type of food won’t just help you lose weight but also help improve your complexion, your hair.”

While her diet consists of mostly organic and healthy food, Ambra admits she has a sweet tooth: “My favorite food most especially when I’m here in the Philippines is ube. I’m really addicted to it. I have to have it whenever I’m here. Also, something I really miss when I leave the Phillippines is that rambutan. I can’t find it anywhere else! I also love French fries. It’s important to treat yourself too, from time to time.”


On Ambra: Sports bra by Versus, pants by Tibi, and coat by MM6


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Photography by Dix Perez

Produced and styled by Randz Manucom

Makeup by Xeng Zulueta

Hairstyling by Mong Amado

Fashion assistant: Carmen Zeta