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Antoinette Taus Finds A Deeper Purpose In Life By Championing Several Advocacies

She was a showbiz fixture for the batang ‘90s, then she left to live and work in the United States. Antoinette Taus has come back home, a changed woman, taking charge not only of her own life, but also of a foundation that changes the lives of others.


Jumpsuit by Jerome Salaya Ang


Her transformation came from a dark place. Even though she was back in Manila with family and was welcomed back in local showbiz with open arms, she felt something was missing and had gone through a state of depression after her mother passed away. Eventually finding her healing by opening up, she describes the past year as one of significance.


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Tacloban City, Nov 7, 2018 | @OXfamSaPilipinas has been at the forefront of efforts to help rebuild communities and support families displaced by typhoon #Yolanda. Since 2013, they have helped a total of 875,721 individuals and 175,144 families. . Most importantly, they give the communities a VOICE to speak out about the true situation of our countrymen in Samar and Leyte and how we can all help. . Deeply grateful to @OXfamsaPilipinas for this incredible opportunity to be a part of this journey. It never ever feels like we do enough and we pray for the strength to do more every single day, in any way we can. . Climate change does not discriminate or choose its victims. Climate change affects us ALL and we ALL have a part to play in this web of life. Collectively, we are all a part of the problem. But more than anything, we are also the greatest hope humanity has. . #RememberYolanda #Yoland5YearsOn _______ #SuperTyphoon #Haiyan #Yolanda #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #Typhoon #refugee #charity #SDGs #Resilience #DisasterRiskReduction #GlobalGoals #ClimateChange #ClimateAction . VIDEO: @OXfamSaPilipinas

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She has since fired up her passions and used her voice to help with different causes, starting out by speaking about mental health. She is involved in the World Health Organization’s efforts to recognize the need for more people to be healed and protected from suicide. She is also one of the driving forces behind CORA (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation), a foundation dedicated to fight hunger, inequality, and climate change, named after her mother who was always ready to lend a helping hand.



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Honored and incredibly excited for my first assignment for @NatGeo’s #PlanetOrPlastic! ????#NatGeoPH #NationalGeographic . Our choices matter in a huge way and every decision we make has a ripple effect on the world around us. Make those choices count. ?????? . Planet over plastic. . People and the planet before profit. . LEARN MORE: . #CleanSeasPilipinas #BeatPlasticPollution#Cleanseas _______ #WeAreCORA #PlanetCORA #CleanSeasPilipinas #BeatPlasticPollution #CleanSeas #BeatPollution #SmartSeasPH #breakfreefromplastic #ZeroWaste #NatGeo #ayokongplastik #Environment #NationalGeographic #SaveOurOcean #stopsucking #zerowasteph #strawlessocean #PlanetOrPlastic #GlobalGoals #biodiversityph #microplastics _______ ?? Photo taken using | #CanonG7X @CanonPhils @CanonAsia

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Antoinette is also very active in promoting ways to have a better, healthier planet through a segment on National Geographic focused on finding solutions to the plastic problem.

Her commitment to her causes is a way to rise above the pain and transform it into something positive that can touch others’ lives, “Pain can take you to a dark place. You can take that thing that hurts you, that made you cry and connect it with a reason and find purpose. It may be something you are meant to speak up about, and be the reason for you to use your gifts to fight for others.”


Photography by Dix Perez for Metro

Styling by John Karunungan and Hillary Lee of Styledit group

Makeup by Patrick Alcober

Hair by Jennifer Pascual

Shot on Location at Makati Garden Club