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ArteFino 2018: HaloHalo's Cara Sumabat Talks About Elevating Banig To Create Stylish And Functional Pieces For Your Wardrobe And Your Home


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The popular and well-loved Filipino dessert is symbolic to the vision of this unique lifestyle brand. Just as halo-halo the dessert pleases palates with its delicious concoction, HaloHalo the brand appeals to a wide array of consumers for how they use different materials to create their products.

One of the creative minds behind HaloHalo is Cara Sumabat, who shared that their brand started out as an experiment. "It's just a fascination with materials and what materials' capabilities are," she tells Metro.Style.


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Established in 2013, HaloHalo has been known for pushing the envelope with well thought out and painstakingly produced products that carefully consider the different lifestyles people lead. What may be stylish and functional for one may not feel the same way for others; that's why, over the years, they've worked hard in building a catalog that features a versatile, tried-and-tested selection of items which come in various shapes and sizes. 


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The mini bayong in blue, get yours today at ??

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HaloHalo, which is primarily into designing and crafting bags (the silhouette of some are inspired by the traditional bayong), has also been well received and favored by stylistas because they make use of local materials, promoting what our country can offer and giving them a global appeal. Their signature style has been associated with the use of recycled plastic banig, elevating the handwoven mat to meet more modern aesthetics. 

With banig as a distinctly Filipino home furnishing or accent, it seemed inevitable for HaloHalo to tap into the potential of creating homeware with the same material. They did, and the results are amazing: from beautiful banigs that may be used as an accent at home or as a mat for lounging by the beach to the Sopa ottoman that makes for a statement piece of furniture. 


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The large Sopa and more home accessories coming your way soon. ?? #halohalohome

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"We make things, like bags and homeware, but pretty much the full focus of our products is that they're all with a purpose. They're all supposed to help with your daily life, from working or from vacation," Cara says.

After winning the "Best Product Award" at last year's ArteFino, HaloHalo will participate in this craft fair again, to showcase yet another promising new collection of pieces that prove to be must-haves for both one's wardrobe and home. 




Video by Marie Francia, Marnie Giron, and Berwin Coroza 

Video editing by Berwin Coroza

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