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A Mother's Day 2019 Special: Mother-Daughter Duo Babygirl And Tania Fricke On Their Unbreakable Bond

Hailing from a legacy of artists and creatives, Babygirl Fricke has unsurprisingly inherited an eye for design and style. Her daughter, Tania Fricke-Lichauco, would follow suit. “My grandmother was one of the pioneer interior designers in Manila, and she did the most beautiful homes. Her youngest son is Arturo Luz. I grew up with her, and was exposed to all this art, beauty, and aesthetics,” Babygirl candidly points out.


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As a young model, Babygirl would jet across the globe working with distinguished names in the haute couture industry. Later, she would develop a passion for interior decorating, subsequently founding the ultra-chic and refreshing interiors boutique, Artemis (currently located at Poblacion, Makati). Unintentionally, though somehow inevitably, Tania followed in her mother’s footsteps. A model-turned-interior guru, Tania spent some time in San Francisco before coming home. “Tania is very much like me, except now she has developed into something even more than I was as a designer. She’s gotten so big, and I’m so proud of her,” Babygirl affectionately says.


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There is never a dull moment in the presence of these two dynamic personalities. Occasionally, one finds herself seeing double. “Whatever I like, she likes, and vice versa. It’s the weirdest thing!” Babygirl professes. “It’s kinda weird, almost witchy!” Tania says with a laugh as she continues: “(Mom) can look into my eyes, and see straight into my soul. There’s no escape! She knows from my first hello on the phone. I also feel what she’s feeling. All the time, we read each other’s minds.” When asked to describe their relationship, the pair instantaneously respond, “best friends.” “We have the best relationship ever! It’s funny because my mom had the same relationship with her mom, I had the same with my mom,” Babygirl communicates.


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Tania contrasts: “Character-wise, we are different. She’s a much stronger woman. She’s a firecracker. Whereas I have a more subdued personality, sweeter in that sense. But we complement each other. We connect on everything.” Both share an innate understanding of style and class, though also projected diversely, as explained by Tania. “She’s simpler and more classic. I’m more avant-grade and daring. When we go shopping, we buy the same things! She gets the neutrals, I get the colored!” The pair enjoys traveling together, discovering unique finds for their boutique, while satisfying cravings at all the best food spots—the perfect way to deepen their relationship. A city very much close to their hearts is San Francisco, where both ladies had spent much of their years blossoming into the women they are today.

There is no bond stronger than one shared between a mother and child; and for Babygirl and Tania, this goes without saying. “From one generation to the next, I think it’s how you grow up, how you relate to one another, and really adore each other.” Babygirl explains, while Tania adds: “Everything I do is for (my children). Everything I do for them is reflected through the love and passion for all things I do in life. (My children) are my inspiration to do well, be proud of myself, to fight as a strong, independent, single mother.” An unbreakable bond is one that continues to live through the generations of their family. In its purest form, it is simply admirable.


*This article was originally published in Metro Society March 2019 issue.


Photographs by Cholo Dela Vega, assisted by Jello Espino

Makeup by Claire Diokno

Hair by Rick Diokno

Shot on location at Artemis, Poblacion