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Mother-Daughter Duo: Bambi Del Rosario and Annika Young

Dynamic dance duo Bambi and Annika talk about their mother-daughter relationship in this touching and lighthearted conversation

If there is one thing that former TV personality and restaurateur Bambi Del Rosario-Young shares with her daughter Annika, it’s her suave dance moves. They have been making entertaining dance clips since 2021, capturing this mother and daughter tandem’s overflowing talent in one frame. One of their IG reels, for one, garnered 3.6 million views, as of this writing. 

“The relationship that I have with Annika is more like friends. We’re close. May mother-daughter [aspect] pa rin. I’m still the strict mom pero I make sure that we have fun together and we bond together and we do a lot of things together,” Bambi opened, highlighting her close relationship with her daughter and the rest of her family members. “I think Annika can consider me as a confidant and friend,” she furthered. 

For the first time, Bambi and Annika have planned a riveting all-girl adventure, too, traveling to Singapore with a bunch of women on board. “Last month, Annika and I traveled for the first time—just the two of us, without my husband and my son,” Bambi shared. “That was a great bonding experience for us. We did a lot of reels there, of course.”

Given their tireless gusto when it comes to Instagram reels and recording clips together, the two, suffice to say, had a moment of true merrymaking. “We toured around and we were in one hotel room—just the two of us,” said Bambi. “We learned how to be together for the first time. That’s a bonding experience that I will not forget.”

“That taught us how to be one because we were like passing our backpacks, we were helping each other, and we became more independent,” Annika chimed in. Bambi also considered their recent trip a major one, as it was a mileage for them to tackle things on their own. Shopping and sightseeing, after all, is made more fun if it is done with your fellow girl gang! 

When asked about the relationship that she has with her mother Bambi, Annika replied: “My relationship with my mother is very close. We always share stuff with each other whenever something’s going on at my school. I always spill it to her,” she revealed. “I always tell her. I always share because we’re very close to each other.” 

As to how they differ in personality, Annika divulged that Bambi and her are polar opposites in terms of style. She told us, “Right now, it looks like we’re wearing very similar clothes, but [we’re] usually different.” While Annika’s outfit paints a feminine feel during the interview, she definitely rocks a lot of black in real life. 

“She likes dark stuff! She had this phase where she only wore black and white. That’s it!” Bambi interjected, backing Annika’s claim. Bambi, however, is big on colors and is an iteration of a sweet floral spring. She follows the rom-com cult and is a real K-drama fan. The dark is what keeps Annika ticking, though. It’s the mysteries and horror that make her eyes sparkle. 

To ensure that her daughter is doing great in life, however, Bambi always leaves the gates open. Obviously, since Annika is 13 now, there are new stories to tell. “I’m excited about what experiences she’ll have without us ’cause of course, I need to let her go a little bit more since she’s a teenager now,” Bambi said, talking about why she admires Annika as well.

In Bambi’s words, Annika is ‘fun,’ ‘strong,’ and ‘independent.’ “She can be more independent and she likes that. I’m excited to see how she’ll grow up to be. Right now, I can see that she’s really growing up to be very respectful,” she shared, proud of her sweet child. “I want to know what would be her experiences as a teenager—the adventures that she’ll have.”

“I’ll let her go on playdates or bonding with the girls. I want to hear about it and hopefully, she’ll tell me,” Bambi bantered. Annika, on the other hand, has been generous in describing her mother. [I love] her grit! She is the most independent, workaholic person ever but then, she could give time for everything—she could give time for work and she could give time for family.”

“I feel like that’s something that’s really hard and whenever she works, she does it perfectly,” Annika persisted, to which Bambi responded, “I want to cry!” At this point, silence hugged the screen. A short pause swiveled through the air and while tears weren't rolling yet, the raw happiness on Bambi’s face highlighted her fondness for Annika’s flattering remarks.

Read through our Q&A below to learn more about this lovely mother-daughter duo:

What is it about Annika that you most admire? 

Bambi: "She’s growing up as a strong woman. I see that she wouldn’t be put down easily; she can’t be bullied. That’s what I think. She has that strong personality that I admire because she doesn’t really care so much about what other people think. I don’t know, I got that later in life but not that early so I admire how she carries herself and her perception. She’s really mature for her age. If you talk to her deeply, you’d know that she’s not an ordinary 13-year-old. She doesn’t cry over boys!"

As a parent, when were you proudest of Annika and why?

Bambi: "Annika has been a performer since she was young so when I went to her school and saw her perform onstage for her school play, I was so proud. I mean, she didn’t get the big roles but she embodied her small role like it was the biggest role there. You know what I mean? She owned her role and I was so proud! I was cheering nonstop for her."

What was the greatest advice that your mom has given you?

Annika: "If people are too good to be true, then they are fake!"

Bambi: "Yeah! I told her that but I didn’t know that’s the one that stuck to her the most ’cause sometimes, people look so perfect but they’re not. You know? So I just encourage her to be herself, don’t mind other people, and just enjoy the journey."

Now that Annika is already 13 and is transitioning to adolescence, as a mom, what are you most excited and worried about? What are your expectations?

Bambi: "Teenage years! I guess any mom would say ‘boys!’ I’m afraid of boys ’cause Annika is growing up to be a beautiful woman... I always tell her that ‘you know, take your time.’ 

Since you two are so fond of doing fun things together, what tips can you share when it comes to fostering a close and fun relationship with teen daughters? What is raising Annika like and what do you love most about motherhood?

Bambi: "My advice would be to have an open communication with your daughters. It’s very important that they know that they can rely on you—their mom—to have someone to talk to because not every day is a good day. There are days when it’s bad, [like if] something bad happened in school, or there are days when she’s curious about life because of course, she’s a teenager.

"So I tell her stories about what I know but I try to be not too strict like ‘don’t do this, don’t do that.’ But I try to make her try it if she’s curious, but not be addicted to anything. There! It’s having [an] open communication with your daughter because that’s important—that she knows that she has someone to back her up or to be with her or to guide her into [being] a better person and not to make the same mistakes as other people. [It is] not just my experiences but my stories from other people. I tell her stuff like ‘oh, this is what happened to her because of this decision’ so she’s more aware about the experiences of other people and then, she can choose for herself if she wants to go down that path."

Describe your mom in three adjectives without telling us why. 

Annika: "Fun, inspiring, and lovely!"

Fill in the blanks. My mom is the best mom because ___.

Annika: "My mom is the best mom because she can do no wrong!"

Bambi: "Wow! Kakahiya naman! She calls me Ms. Pure. I don’t know, pure, like no sin. That’s what she thinks of me."

What is your message to your mom?

Annika: "My message to my mom this Mother’s Day is I hope that I can live up to be just like you ’cause you are my biggest role model—my biggest inspiration. And I want to be just like you. I want to follow your steps and be you ’cause you’re so perfect and I love you so much."

Bambi: "You’ll be so much more, Annika. You will be so much more."

Lead photos from @bambi.delroyoung

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