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Bb. Pilipinas 2024 Grand Coronation Night Q&A Portion - Full Transcript

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The Binibining Pilipinas Top 15
The Binibining Pilipinas Top 15

The much-awaited question and answer portion at Binibining Pilipinas 2024 Grand Coronation Night was an intense round that featured a varied set of questions, some personal and some related to the pageant's 60th year.

Held at The Big Dome, the event truly showcased Filipinas' beauty, brains, and heart, as represented by the Binibining Pilipinas 2024 candidates. And because this year's coronation night is grander and bigger than ever, the Top 15 candidates each had their moments to share their thoughts on the questions the judges gave them; they were each given 30 seconds to answer.

Hosts Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves with some of the Binibining Pilipinas 2024 candidates at the Q&A portion.
Hosts Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves with some of the Binibining Pilipinas 2024 candidates at the Q&A portion. | Photography by Pat Buenaobra

Check out the verbatim answers of the Top 15 Binibining Pilipinas candidates at the Q&A portion:

Bb. # 36 from Bulacan Province - Samantha Viktoria Acosta

Question from Margie Moran: "Tonight, we have the honor of being joined with the amazing queens of Binibining Pilipinas. What do you think are the qualities of a Binibini that sets her apart from other beauty pageant candidates?"

"As Miss World Vision ambassadress for children, just like my name Sam, I am a woman of significance, authenticity, and meaning. And because of that, I share the same vision with BPCI as their key partner in nation-building through my advocacy, Harvesting Hope, helping the most vulnerable children in our society overcome poverty. And I think a Binibining Pilipinas queen is someone who invites everyone to promote sustainable development, dignity, and social justice and for the marginalized sector of the community to regain the hope they once had."

Bb. # 13 from Calumpit, Bulacan - Roella Solis

Question from Gloria Diaz: What physical asset do you have that should make you win Binibining Pilipinas?

"As a beauty queen and as a woman of vision, I am here to present you the best version of myself despite of having a pivotal losses. Eight days ago, my grandmother died and I hope, and I know that she is in heaven watching me and proud of me that she has the best seat in heaven watching me over. Thank you."

Follow-up question from Gloria Diaz: "What physical asset do you have?"

"What physical asset I have is I am beautiful. Aside from that, I have a mission and vision in life that makes me apart from the other candidates."

Bb. #24 Kalayaan, Laguna – Monica Acuno

Question from Fifi Sharma: "So #24, my question for you is: reflecting on the past 60 years, which Binibini queen story has inspired you the most and why?"

"Binibini story really inspired me is Venus Raj because we have the same story of coming from a very humble beginning. And as a committed Binibini who have high hopes and dreams, I would like to use this platform to inspire, rather, a lot of people who come from humble beginning to push forward. Do not limit yourself. Achieve your dream, whatever it is. And through this effort of mine, may I show the world that I am an empowered Filipina with a glowing heart to inspire just like a shining diamond. Thank you."

Bb. #26 Lapu Lapu, Cebu – Phoebe Godinez

Question from Bea Rose Santiago: "If you can speak to the fishermen risking their lives at the West Philippine Sea, what would you tell them?"

"I would tell the fishermen to not lose hope because I trust in our political leaders that they will pursue dialogue over division, and I know that the Philippines will certainly win with just our words. Thank you."

Bb. #32 Aurora – Carmella Joy Cuaresma

Question from Conchitina Bernardo: "As we celebrate the legacy of Binibining Pilipinas, let me ask you, if you gain the crown tonight, what legacy do you hope to share and be remembered for as a Binibining Pilipinas queen?"

"Well, the legacy that I will leave here is my own unique story, coming from a province, remote area of Aurora Province, trying here, transitioning to province life to city life. And I'm here trying my best to be the service and to be part of this humanitarian action of Binibining Pilipinas, and that is something that I will leave here in Binibining Pilipinas as a part of this humanitarian mission of Binibining Pilipinas. Thank you."

Bb. #11 Caloocan – Mae Kimberly de Luna

Question from Rhea Tan: "If you could have a conversation with any past Binibining Pilipinas winner, who will it be and what advice would you seek from her?"

"It would probably Samantha Bernardo. To be honest, she has taken a huge part of my life, joining Binibining Pilipinas. And it took me 27 years, preparing myself, knowing my story and my core values, bringing up to this stage. And as a woman of action, I am inspired to do the same with my fellow Filipino. As a Philippine Air Force Reserve and the youth director of Young Men's Christian Association, my main mission is to uplift and inspire the young generation to believe in their own capabilities and talent. And wherever this crown will bring me, I am surely ready for my destiny."

Bb. #25 Negros Occidental - Kara Daniela Villarosa

Question from Pia Wurtzbach: "Where did you spend your childhood and how did your experience there shape your identity?"

"I spent most of my childhood at home, and that has shaped me to the woman I am right now because it taught me to be myself. As a Binibini, I think it's very important to stay true to yourself and your Filipino values because I believe that, because I stayed true to my core, I am a reflection of a true Binibini, and that is a woman of purpose, a woman of grit, and a woman of legacy. Thank you."

Bb. #10 Zambales – Christal Jean de la Cruz

Question from Andrea Rubio: "In an ever-changing world, what is one thing you wish will stay the same and why?"

"It would be being empathetic with one another. Because if we have empathy, nothing bad will happen. Adversities, we'll never face. Because kindness will always stay true, and that is something that we need to do. That is what we need, to always have the heart for everyone. Thank you." 

Bb. #14 Calamba, Laguna – Vienne Sirin Feucht

Question from Rhea Tan: "If you could invite any historical figure to be a judge this pageant's 60th year celebration, who would it be and what unique perspective do you hope he or she will bring?"

"You know what, I actually wish Simone de Beauvoir to be here. She may not be alive right now, but she is the most influential historical figure to me. Because as an advocate of anti-violence against women and children, she has opened my eyes that we, women, have the most right to be powerful because we can lead an entire army. And I want her to see the strong women versions in this generation. Thank you very much."

Bb. #21 Pampanga – Jasmin Bungay

Question from Gloria Diaz: "If you were given 30 minutes to talk to the public, what would you talk about?"

"If I would be given 30 minutes to talk to the public, I would like to talk about the passing of the SOGIESC bill. Because in celebrations such as pageants, this community has contributed so much. And in this regard, we can give back to them by supporting this cause because as an individual, it is our responsibility that we ensure that everyone is treated equally despite their SOGIE."

Bb. #40 Abra – Myrna Esguerra

Question from Margie Moran: "If a time machine brings you back to 1964–60 years ago when Binibining Pilipinas began–what message would you tell the Filipino women of that time about the women of 2024?"

"I will tell to the women of the past that we have achieved our goal, which is to empower women. Standing here, at the age of 17, I started to finance my own studies and help my family financially. I was able to do this by all those women who paved the way to empower us to always reach for our goals no matter what it is. Because in life, we can always achieve our dreams as long that we believe that we can. And thanks to them all. Thank you."

Bb. #22 Bacolod – Tracy Sunio

Question from Bea Rose Santiago: "What role does pageantry play in this current era of social media that offers instant access to all forms of entertainment and information?"

"As we all know, beauty pageants are very... A lot of people watch beauty pageants because it is a celebration of beauty and different cultures. And with this big platform, such as Binibining Pilipinas, we can easily share our advocacies and factual information to the people especially those who are watching. Because what we need now is a collaborative effort for everyone to be together."

Bb. #30 Pila, Laguna – Trisha Martinez

Question from Andrea Rubio: "A candidate has to devote time in joining this competition. How well  have you managed your time and balance your other life duties with the demand of this pageant?"

"I am a licensed dentist. I'm also a business owner and a Binibini for the second time around. And so, as I reclaim my destiny tonight, how I managed my time? I got it from my purpose. I got it from my heart. I really want to contribute to the 60 amazing, glorious years of Binibining Pilipinas, and that's how I managed my time with the demands of Binibini. And I am ready. After all, that's the Binibini I aspire to be: with a heart and dignity for the community. Thank you."

Bb. #20 General Santos – Shannen Manzano

Question from Pia Wurtzbach: "The 'Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas' challenge has become a viral trend on social media. What is that one thing about the country that will make you always choose the Philippines?"

"The Filipina. We, Binibinis, are the most precious gem or diamond the Philippines have. Because I do believe we are a representation of resilience, power, and victory of authenticity. That we are the voice, the mind, and the soul of each and every voiceless youth that could be there. And I know that a Binibini is the most precious gem the Philippines could have."

Bb. #1 Baguio – Marikit Manaois

Question from Fifi Sharma: "A study has found the Philippines to laugh the most in a certain social media platform. What has made you laugh recently?"

"Oh, you know what, I'm really a bubbly person, and I'm so genuine. I'm so grateful that any simple joke can even make me laugh. And I think that it greatly reflects my personality as a person. I am a grateful person. I'm very appreciative of anything. And I think that we should be the same. I think that if each and everyone of us are appreciative then not just the things that we see will change, but how we see things will also change. Thank you."

Lead photo from @bbpilipinasofficial

Bb. Pilipinas 2024 Grand Coronation Night Highlights


Bb. Pilipinas 2024 Grand Coronation Night Highlights