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Black Is The New Black: Our Favorite Ladies At The #Metrowear2017 Show

In time for the Metrowear TV Special that aired tonight on the Lifestyle Channel, we look back at the #Metrowear2017 show. It was an event worth going to not just because of the 3 young, star designers' (Mark Bumgarner, Patty Ang and Michael Leyva) fashion show, but also because of the guests invited. Several socialites were seen, but for many that was just the icing on the cake. The real people to watch, the ones to wait for, were the celebrities. This being an ABS-CBN production, we saw many. But the ones who made it to our list of best-dressed were far and few between. All were clad in the color of the evening: black. It was like being around fashion editors so quietly chic you wondered who they were--and when they turned their body or moved to the side, you noticed the stilettos and suddenly, there was just the right amount of ├ęclat. These women made it to our list:


Charo Santos-Concio

She matched her black dress with a statement ring and the Bottega Veneta Knot clutch in black. Overall, an understated look that only a true accessories lover could pull off--without looking too plain. Add to that her agelessness and you have a woman for all occassions.


Geolette Esguerra

We'll toot our own horn because, in all objective honesty, she looked great. The train in the back flowed to a perfect length; the bow on the shoulder was just the right size. The proportions fit her perfectly--and this, after she gave birth just a month and a half ago. This concoction by Mark Bumgarner simply oozed style.


Isabel Francisco

If we can toot our own horn, we can also praise the competition. Isabel Francisco faced classic with a twist head-on. Black lace and long pearls layered over a shorter necklace is always a sure win. 


Alice Dixson

If you grew up in the 80s, you'll never forget that Alice Dixson single-shoulder shrug and sparkling smile. Lo and behold, she hasn't changed much. Still one of our culture's beloved mestizas with a twinkle in her eye, the actress--who came out with a film early this month--wore a simple sheath with a flutter of fabric falling prettily down the bodice.  


Nicole Whisenhunt 

The jewlery designer and entrepreneur is one of our favorite socialites to see on the pages of a glossy. She's always well put-together and you can tell she puts in just the right amount of time in getting dressed. Never over-the-top, mostly with her hair up and the simplest make-up, she's a good example of keeping it clean and adding the right accessories.  Here, she lets her bag--and ring--do the talking. 


Phoemela Baranda

Our favorite black-clad babe of the evening threw understated out the window and opted instead to show off. Nothing wrong with it if you've got a figure like Phoem Baranda's. The actress' tuxedo pants had white dots going down its length: a perfect accent to her barely-there dotted top.



Photo of Phoemela Baranda by Seven Barretto