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Breaking! Tim Yap Weds Without a Hashtag—A Truly Intimate Ceremony With Lea Salonga

Eventologist and host Tim Yap and director Javi Martinez Pardo often mount affairs with attendees by the hundreds, but for this very special occasion, they chose only two witnesses—a friend Marcel Crespo, and “The Goddess of Love.” The goddess, as Tim calls her, is Lea Salonga, who played the part in Once on this Island.


Tim and Javi get married


The setting was perfect: The Big City, at the rooftop of the luxurious The Peninsula New York, and during the most picturesque of seasons. So why was it that Tim, with his 400 thousand Instagram followers, kept the whole world in the dark, getting married sans the requisite hashtag?

Tim and Javi: man and man and all the happier for it


“It was on Christmas Day,” Tim shares. “And so we didn’t post anything so we could soak in the experience sans social media. We only allowed Lea to post because she was our witness.”

In fact, it seems as if Lea got pretty excited right after, as she wanted to share the news instantly.

Lea posts about the wedding


“Lea kasi posted it right after the wedding and I told her to delete it muna so we can savor [the moment] for ourselves. [I] only told her na okay na during New Year’s Eve when I felt it was the right time to announce,” he says.

Lea Salonga, Tim Yap, Javi Martinez and Marcel Crespo


He emphasized the need to keep the moment private. “Our wedding was just about us and our message for each other,” he says.

And so, the photos of Tim looking dapper in Dolce and Gabbana and Javi in Hugo Boss was kept under wraps until two days ago. Neither did he share their snapshots after the ceremony of the large Christmas tree at the Rockefeller.


It was only a few hours ago that I chatted with Tim as he was enjoying his vacation and minimoon in the town of San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico, that he managed to press pause on all that has transpired.

“I just feel like I made a commitment to my best friend,” he said.

In keeping the wedding so intimate, and so very unlike Tim, who knows the power of social media and wields it fully like a weapon, he has made this moment very special.

“We did it with less than a handful number of guests, with only two witness, without a hashtag,” he says. “And it’s my most intimate event as of yet.”

Tim and Javi: one heck of a stylish couple