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5 Things From This Empowering All-Girl Trip To Inspire Your Next Beach Vacay

When certified babes Tricia Centenera, Xandra Rocha-Araneta, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Ria Prieto, Kelly Misa, and Madeline Humphries get together on the beach, you just know that it's going to spell serious style inspiration and lots of opportunities for belly-splitting, giggle-inducing girl talk!

All of that and more were exactly what went down in their recent esecape to the pretty shores of El Nido, Palawan where they enjoyed each other's company, bonded over everything from bikinis to babies, and of course, showed off their best assets in some of their most fashionable swimwear ensembles.

It was the perfect way to get away from it all with just the girls, and one that gave us the best ideas for what our next all-girl beach trip should be like. 

Here's what we learned from their tropical escapade:



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Wanting "me time"

Or in this case, girl time!

With some members of this super girl group being moms and wives, they send an important message to other women fulfilling the same roles in their lives: Going on a vacation (or wanting to) with just your friends sans husbands and kids shouldn't be a cause of guilt. 

In fact, it can be healthy to surround yourself with just the girls as the conversations you have, or just the simple moments you share with them, have amazing healing powers, are empowering, and a solid way to make new memories. 


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Raise up, not bring down 

Everyone in this group shared the same sentiment after they'd all gone home from the trip: It's important to uplift fellow women in both big and small ways.

In a competitive world that makes it difficult to make lasting connections and meaningful relationships, acts of empowerment done by women for women can make all the difference. The lesson is something all these lovely ladies learned after they surrounded themselves with just positive energy and good thoughts. 


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Balance, balance, balance

You've heard it before, but we'll say it again: Find the sweet spot between work and play as too much of either could be instant trouble.

By the looks of this trip, you would have never guessed that it was both a professional assignment and a personal vacay sewed together. The secret behind how these girls made it happen? We're hypothesizing that they all have internal switches that they consciously flip on and off to remind them when it's time to smile and laugh, and when a sense of seriousness is required—a crucial lesson for every woman nurturing both work and personal lives!


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Live in the moment

Now here's something that's easier said than done. 

We know that some of life's best moments are fleeting, and it's important to be a hundred percent present as they unfold before us so we never miss a beat, as these moments might never come again. 

Always keep in mind that a holiday—i.e.: precious time spent away from the daily grind—means so much more than getting the perfect photos for to fill up your feed, packing the best OOTDs, or making sure you apply the best combo of tanning lotion and sunscreen so you come home looking like a sun-kissed goddess.


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Give thanks

And we don't mean in just a strictly religious sense.

There are tons of ways to show appreciation for one's blessings and all the wonderful opportunities that come your way. You can choose to pay things forward for example, or make the effort to be a jollier presence around others, learn to think more positively and view the glass as half-full, or simply spread happiness in all the ways you can, whenever you can, wherever you might find yourself. 

After all, vacations are meant to renew and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit—be living proof of this!


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For an extra dose of inspiration and what you can do to make your next beach trip more meaningful, check out the gallery below!




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