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#HereCamsTheBride: Camille Co Cruises Around HK For Her Bachelorette Party!

Married life is bound to be an adventure on its own, but for influencer turned entrepreneur Camille Co, she's chosen to celebrate her last days of singlehood with her best friends forever in one last wild ride—and in Hong Kong, no less! 


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The real VV & Co ?? Touchdown HongKong for @itscamilleco bachelorette! Cruising around the island today ??????

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The bride-to-be checked in at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel with blogger besties Vern and Verniece Enciso, Lissa Kahayon, Patricia Prieto, Laureen Uy, and Metro.Style cover girl Kryz Uy to kickstart a weeekend she was meant to remember for a lifetime. 


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With the Instagrammable location serving as their backdrop for all their attempts—successful ones, at that!—to make this bachelorette party as epic as possible, the stylish group has given us a ton of updates about what they've been up to since they landed. 

Their first stop was John Anthony restaurant, because as Laureen says on Instagram, "Cams loves gin so I brought her to the biggest gin bar in HK. They've over 400 different kinds of gin."



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The girls took advantage of all the things the city's warming temperatures afforded them: long night strolls on Hong Kong's neon-lit streets, firsthand experiences of its urban sights and sounds, hilarious encounters with fellow travelers, and a chance to comfortably wear spring and summer-ready outfits, too!


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Camille was, of course, loud and proud about being there as Mrs. Joni Koro in the making; she wore a veil attached to a bejeweled crown practically every second of the trip since day one and a sash announcing that she was soon to be wed. Paired with her expectedly fashionable ensembles, Camille was both cute and amusing, catching the attention of passers-by but seemingly immune to all their side glances—the important thing was that she was enjoying herself to the fullest!


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Simply happy to be spending this time with her closest gal pals, Camille was treated to even more surprises in the second leg of their vacay: a yacht party

"I told the girls I wanted some sort of activity during the day so they secretly arranged an afternoon of yachting around Hong Kong. ?? So happy we got to do this! Nonstop bonding over drinks, snacks and lots of laughs. Love these girls!!!!" she wrote on Instagram. 


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Packing their bags to enjoy Hong Kong from the waves, Camille and her company spent an afternoon cruising along the city's many harbors and docks while sipping, snacking, smiling, and laughing to their heart's content. It was arguably the highlight of the trip as Camille revealed, emphasizing that the experience wasn't only focused on her journey to wedded bliss, but also of the lovely friendships she's made with her friends over the years.  


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As of this writing, Camille and her friends have shifted their attention to Hong Kong's culinary delights, dining on an array of authentic Chinese delicacies in well-loved restaurant, Hexa. Aside from serving up delicious dishes, this Harbor City destination offers an unobstructed view of Hong Kong's world-famous skyline that diners can appreciate both day and night.


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Overall, Camille's friends definitely deserve all the credit they've been given for helping make her bachelorette party the best it could ever be—a testament to their unbreakable bond that surely won't change even when Camille takes on yet another major role as a devoted wife. 


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We've got out fingers crossed that more is yet to come from this awesome trip as all their posts from the weekend have been nothing but bachelorette party goals. 

See more fun snaps of Camille and all the fun things she's done so far below! 


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