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4 Practical Takeaways From Camille Co's Birthing Vlog For Expectant Moms

Learn from this first-time mom who safely delivered her baby girl on March 27!

For women who have become moms, they know what's up. 

You can read all the prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal books, watch all the videos, join all the discussion boards, and be connected with an A-list medical team, but when it's time to pop, nothing can truly prepare you for the rush of emotions and frazzledness that come with the life-changing experience.

Just ask influencer and entrepreneur Camille Co-Koro who gave birth to her first child, a daughter, with hubby Joni Koro earlier this week. The first-time mom is pretty chill for the most part, but welcoming a teeny tiny human into the world at this time in particular is no easy feat!

Anyone's chillness is bound to be tested by the worries that come with giving birth while hospitals overflow with ill patients and the general situation about the not-so-small concern of a pandemic in the background. 

Lucky for moms, first-time or otherwise, looking for advice for how to best prepare for giving birth while a global health crisis continues to rage on, they have Camille to look to. She vlogged about her experience as best as she could, beginning with the moment she and Joni headed to the hospital and ending with her meeting her baby girl for the first time. 

Below are some of the tips expectant moms can pick up from Camille!

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Do not, we repeat, do not ignore or underestimate the changes in your body.

For Camille, she noticed unusual discharge one evening and instead of convincing herself it was probably nothing, she didn't hesitate picking up the phone and calling her doctor about it. Her doctor advised that she head to the hospital, and, guess what! Sooner than later, she was in labor.

Now it might be obvious to tell moms that there's no such thing as being "too praning" about their bodies (especially if they're like Camille who was at 40 weeks before she gave birth). But with COVID in the background, it's understandable for many parents to want to avoid doctor's checkups and hospital visits to keep themselves safe from infection unless absolutely necessary. (And with that, make sure you have access to the doctors you need to keep in touch with. If your primary doc might not always be reachable, have a Plan B person in your contacts). 

The thing is, moms and dads should still go, and, really, the key is to simply practice proper health protocols at all times. There's risk in going to the hospital, for sure, but at the same time, you don't want to reserve checkups for the worst of situations. 

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Keep abreast of hospital protocol.

One of the things that really stressed Camille out was how the government's sudden declarations of different levels of quarantine meant changes in who could be with her at the hospital and what kind of COVID tests she and Joni needed to take in order to be cleared for admission. 

To be fair to her, her delivery coincided with the unanticipated declaration of ECQ which totally changed her and Joni's plans, but for other moms who can prepare properly, do so. It really saves you from so much trouble and freaking out about whether or not you'll be alone and away from family during your first few nights of motherhood. 

Call the hospitals regularly when quarantine changes arise to see if your documents are in order, and stay on top of the news, too. Also, some hospitals may be stricter than others so make sure you're in the know of specific guidelines for the hospital you're eyeing for your delivery. 

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Have a good cry if you need to!

Carrying a literal human being inside you is not a walk in the park. And no one is allowed to tell moms otherwise. With or without COVID, the experience brings to the surface all these feelings and thoughts you never even thought you had, so if you need a cry to release, do it. 

Worry not about being overly emotional or making people around you uncomfortable. Pack a pack of tissues in your momma tote bag, and pull it out when the occasion calls for it. Shedding a tear or two from feeling tired, being exhausted, and just wanting a safe delivery to happen already (if, for instance, you've gone past your expected due date), is a safe and healthy way to level out your stress. 

Not only babies cry—moms do too!

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Do what you can to make yourself feel better during this delicate time.

For Camille, it was making sure she showered before heading to the hospital and putting on a good lippie. (The second part her husband readily laughed at). They were small things, but they helped lighten the mood and gave her back her confidence in being able to handle all the things that come with preparing for a birth. 

For other moms, it might be packing a good post-delivery book, putting together a birthing playlist, getting on the phone to talk to loved ones, wearing their fave article of clothing, getting their lashes done so they look awesome in their first photo with their new babies, or anything, really!

Giving birth, for all its messiness and anxieties, doesn't have to be defined by seriousness and preoccupation with making sure you and your baby stay in tiptop shape. It can be a fun time too, so go ahead and make it so.

Check out Camille Co-Koro's birthing vlog below!

Photos from @itscamilleco