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Camille Co Shares Her Thoughts And Tips On How To Become A Successful Blogger

Starting your own blog or vlog? Pick up some tips from seasoned blogger and vlogger Camille Co

Blogging and vlogging have become in-demand careers today. A lot of people, even young ones in fact, are starting their own websites and YouTube channels, amassing a huge following on social media. Many have tried, but only a few succeeded in carving a niche online and beyond.

Tricia Centenera sat down with seasoned blogger and vlogger Camille Co on Talk with Tricia, to learn more about what she does and what it takes to be a credible, influential person in her field.

Below, Camille shares pieces of advice up-and-coming blogger will appreciate: 


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It sounds so cliché but it’s really [about] being your authentic self

Camille started her blog to create a space where she can truly be herself and share how she feels and what she thinks. This is why, for her, the best way to start out is simply by knowing yourself and being yourself.

“I started blogging not thinking that this was going to be my bread and butter. So I wasn’t pressured by anything. I posted what I wanted to post,” says Camille. “That’s why I always tell people that you have to do it for the right reasons, you have to be passionate about it, because then you’d always be inspired. Your true self will always come out. Because when you’re copying someone else, anybody can just do what you’re doing because you’re not yourself anymore.”

Authenticity and honesty are things that viewers will always appreciate. If you keep trying to be someone you’re not, you’ll only find yourself struggling to find your market and niche.

“I think a lot of people have this split persona where they have this blogging personality,” Camille points out. But for her, who she is on-cam is the exact Camille she is off-cam. And she feels that’s one of the biggest reasons why people follow and believe her.

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Don’t let the spotlight blind you

Blogging requires tremendous work. Creating content takes effort and investment. A lot of people who are starting out or are trying to make it into the industry know that they have to put in the work and the money to kick-start their blogs and vlogs.

“It’s not as glamorous as you think. A lot of bloggers and travelers spend for what they’re experiencing,” says Camille. Bloggers should be prepared to spend for travels, food, clothes, and experiences that they want to share with their audience. There's obviously investment involved.

Camille also shares that when it comes to sponsorships and ads, she has now learned to become smarter and more discerning. Because if you keep trying to tap all brands, your own brand’s personality will suffer. “I’ve learned to not push it if I know that it’s not going to work with what I do and what I like,” she shares.

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Create positivity and share happiness

Many people turn to blogs and watch vlogs for two main reasons: to be informed and entertained. And the most popular ones are those that tick these two boxes. In a world where toxicity and negativity are everywhere, there's a demand for blogs that spread positivity and self-love.

“I always like to radiate positivity. Although, I don’t like portraying that I don’t have problems. I’m very transparent. But I want to have a positive atmosphere in all my accounts because I want my space to be a happy space,” Camille tells Tricia. This is why when you visit her blog or her social media accounts, everything is beautiful and soft on the eyes. While Camille admits it’s not 100 percent happy all the time, at the end of the day, she wants her brand to become a place people can turn to when they want to be uplifted and inspired.

Image from @itscamilleco
Know when to put your camera down

Camille comes from a conservative Filipino-Chinese family so she knows the limits of her personal space. She makes sure that when she’s with her family, she has time for creating content, but she also lives in the moment and be present.

She also recently got married to Joni Koro, who she says have adjusted to her life on the camera. In fact, blogging has never gotten in the way of them spending time together, even during travels, because there’s mutual respect and understanding between them.

Camille says that the most important thing about relationships is to treat each other as equals and respect each other’s work just as equally. And she makes sure to balance her time for social media and her responsibilities as a wife. “It’s about understanding your partner. It’s really about managing expectations because I don’t let it affect him. We’re very supportive of each other. We respect each other’s opinions,” she says.

If you haven’t yet, watch the full episode of Talk with Tricia with Camille Co below:

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