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Bette Midler, "The View" Hosts, and More Voice Their Support For Harry and Meghan

As the two "step back" as senior members of the Royal family, support for the couple and their decision pours in

In a fateful Instagram post, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their decision to "step back" as senior members of the Royal family, working “to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.” It’s an announcement that shocked many—including, it’s been said, the Queen herself—and has been the subject of many conversations all over the world. 

On Thursday’s The View, hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar voiced their support for the couple. Hostin cited the racist attacks and remarks on Meghan, as well as the palace’s lack of support and protection towards the Duchess that probably made this decision a bit easier. Goldberg joked, “And [Harry’s] not going to be king so what are we hanging for? Let’s go to Canada!”

“If there’s one thing we can all agree on at this table,” Hunstman said, “is that when you have a child, things change. You want to give them the best life you possibly can.”


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Other celebrities have also expressed their support for Harry and Meghan, including actress Bette Midler, activist and actress Jameela Jamil, celebrity gossip commentator Perez Hilton, and Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel. 

Bette Midler remarked that it’s a “sad story.”

Jameela Jamil said that that is “what power looks like.”

Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of New York fame “loves” the Harry and Meghan news.

Celebrity gossip commentator Perez Hilton said that the couple is already making changes.

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