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Celeste Cortesi Pens a Message After Miss Universe Stint

“To represent my country, The Philippines, is my greatest honor,” she wrote

After her run in the recently-concluded Miss Universe pageant in New Orleans, United States, Celeste Cortesi is finally back in the Philippines.

While she was unable to capture the coveted Miss Universe 2022 title, the 25-year-old Filipino-Italian model is still thankful for her pageant journey, taking to social media to express gratitude for those who have believed in her all throughout.

“The entire year has been the most challenging, and yet most exciting time of my life,” she started off. Sharing a digital rendering of a photo of hers in a Darna costume, referencing the creation she wore for the National Costume segment at Miss Universe, she said: “To represent my country, The Philippines, is my greatest honor.”

“I was always very curious about The Philippines with its Islands, People and Culture and I will continue the pursuit of my Filipina Identity,” the beauty queen continued. “I challenged myself and stepped out of my comfort zone by flying here alone as a very young woman. I’ve always known by heart that there are no limits in what you can achieve as long as you are committed to the vision and your intentions are pure,” Celeste added. 

Mentioning that she always had a burning passion for her homeland, Celeste also looked back on how she tackled her Miss Universe trek—“by pushing myself beyond my limits in the services of my advocacies, training, and learning.”

Having competed against more than 80 candidates on board, Celeste Cortesi finished early and did not make it to the Top 16 of the prestigious competition. Her followers, of course, were in a deep, collective shock, but the support did not waver even if the crown wasn’t for her to wear. Miss Universe 2022 was snagged by another half-Filipina delegate instead, USA’s R’Bonney Gabriel

However, despite Celeste’s unexpected bowing-out and short stint in the pageant, her positivity did not wane, stating that her purpose, still, is to continue making an impact to the Filipino community. 

“I am discovering purposes that go beyond my self ambitions and I am immensely grateful to have had the chance to represent all Filipinos and all the sweet fans of pageantry around the world,” she reflected. “To my fans, I feel your love, I hear your support, and I see your messages everyday. I now believe that my purpose is to inspire, and I will never stop inspiring and motivating all of you, with or without the Universe Crown.”

The Miss Universe Philippines 2022 titleholder, who sees herself as the “luckiest person in the world,” thanked the people who stayed by her side. “I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I don’t express it as much as I would want to, just know I truly love you.”

Apart from thanking her team, the fans, and her loved ones, Celeste penned a heartfelt message for her beloved dad as well. “To my father, you guided me up to this day, you still are and will always do. I feel your protection. If you are redirecting me to a different path, to what is truly meant for me, I trust you and I know I still am in the right place at the right time. Thank you, my guardian angel.”

In April 2022, Pasay City’s Celeste Rabimbi Cortesi was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2022 during the contest’s Grand Coronation Night. She also received two other awards, namely Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimsuit. At the Miss Universe stage, she trained the spotlight on her advocacies, championing hunger and malnutrition crisis as well as mental health awareness.

Lead photos from @celeste_cortesi

The Philippines' Celeste Cortesi Is A Beauty Chameleon!


The Philippines' Celeste Cortesi Is A Beauty Chameleon!