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My Christmas Wishlist: Hindy Weber Tantoco

If there's a must-know name in Manila's healthy living scene, it's Hindy Weber Tantoco. The mommy of four made a figurative move from working in luxury fashion with Rustan's to being a full-time entrepreneur with a penchant for healthy living, and a literal one, too, that saw her leaving the city for the Laguna countryside. 



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The reason? Hindy and her husband, Gippy, wanted a healthier life for their young family. Specifically, she wanted to make sure to bring home healthy food that she knew was chemical-free and grown sustainably. The two immediately got to work on developing a family farm. 

In 2007, Hindy's many greenhouse projects (done in partnership with Melanie Teng-Go) eventually culminated in the creation of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms. The company is a farm-to-family and honest-to-goodness agricultural company that provides Filipinos with healthy produce and other increasingly popular food products, to say the very least.  



Ten years after, this multi-faceted mom has successfully combined her background in style and design, and desire to live healthily. She's definitely a woman to emulate! 

This Christmas, the health-focused Hindy shares with us her holiday wishlist and gift-giving tips. Feel free to add an item or two to your own wishlist, or give someone special a unique gift as suggested by Hindy! 


What style items are on your wishlist this Christmas? 

  • No.21 green velvet dress from Distinqt boutique 
  • BijouxFäh estate jewelry
  • A vintage distressed tan Birkin
  • A shopping spree at Chloé 
  • Any piece of furniture by Patricia Urquiola, especially her chairs and credenzas


A car and a vacation wouldn't hurt, too! Hindy also mentions that aside from gifts she wants for herself, she also wishes that all her household staff be able to afford their own homes.



When it comes to giving gifts to fashionista friends and family, what bright ideas can you share? 

I like to give anything personalized or monogrammed like stationery, etched glassware or engraved wood. Sometimes I'll give them something I made from my collection, like a carved belt. Anything for the boudoir always works. Oh, and a good red lipstick is fool-proof!



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What gifts in the past have you given that their recipients really loved?

Homemade granola by my daughters. (We wish she could have shared the recipe!) 


What about unique gifts that you yourself really appreciated? 

I once got a glossy bright red watering can. I loved that, and also liquid soap from Buly and a haircare set from Aesop. My husband gave me this amazing quilted sleeping bag that turns into a winter coat. That's pretty memorable. 



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Practical vs. novelty gifts: what's your take on them? 

Novelty gifts for me. I think gifts should always be fun. Useful is okay, but fun is mandatory. I used to belittle frivolity, but I think sometimes it's just what a person needs to brighten up a day. 


Are there stores in particular that you always visit come gift-giving season? What do you look for in them?

I like scouring bazaars and pop-ups. And recently, Instagram! I support small, local brands with a unique aesthetic and fine craftsmanship. I don't mind my hard-earned money going to them. 


It's alright to spend a little more for your close social circle during Christmas, but what about colleagues, office mates and bosses? What are your pocket-friendly, yet thoughtful gift suggestions for them? 

A sweet and decadent treat, that is preferably homemade. 



What would you not mind receiving again this Christmas? 

Concert tickets to watch U2.


Many women feel challenged when it comes to gift-giving for men. What awesome gifts ideas can you share for husbands, boyfriends, brothers and guy friends?

  • A crate of select local craft beer.
  • A leather toiletry satchel 
  • Artwork for their home office.
  • Fun boxer shorts or bow ties



Giving gifts to a family as a whole, rather than individual presents for every family member: What do you recommend? 

I like to give personalized Christmas ornaments. Food is always a good idea. I've given buckets of popcorn, organic cake or cookies. 


Last-minute shopping: How do you pick out items that are still tasteful, and not obviously rushed and generic? 

No matter the gift, never skimp on the wrapping. 


What do you give friends and family that basically already have everything? 

Gag gifts. Food. Donation to their favorite charity. Or even just a beautiful card with a heartfelt message. 


What gift suggestions come to mind for those that particularly like fixing up their homes, kitchens, or gardens?

  • Loungey poufs they can throw around their living room or garden 
  • Potted herbs
  • Sustainable wood chopping boards and serving dishes
  • Fun kitchen towels and aprons



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Which gifts on this list appealed to you? Was there anything you wanted for yourself too? There are still six days to go before Christmas, so you definitely still have time to do some shopping! 


Photos courtesy of Hindy Weber Tantoco