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Drunk Coffee And Non-Alcoholic Beers? Jericson Co Talks About The Best Of Craft Beverages At Edsa BDG In The Grid, Power Plant Mall

From the guys who made coffee subscription and craft sodas happen comes another specialty drinks bar at the newly-opened The Grid in Power Plant Mall.

Edsa Beverage Design Studio (Edsa BDG) essentially started out as a group that develops and crafts beverages like sodas, beers, cocktails, and coffee. It’s all about using the best ingredients in the market and creating the best drink without shortcuts, without compromises.


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That’s the thrust of partners David Ong and Jericson Co who believe in “helping people drink better.”

“Most of the work we do in Edsa is to help people drink better. So if you’re a café owner, you’re opening a café and you want us to train your guys, that’s exactly what we do. We’re launching as well a distillation facility where you can create your own flavors. In Edsa, we also have a subscription-based coffee service. So every month magpapalit ’yung coffee mo. We’re gonna do that for the Rockwell residents,” says Jericson about their first location along Edsa.


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For their work at The Grid, they’re bringing that same enthusiasm for creating “noble drinks.” This time, however, they’re doing more.

“So Charles (Paw, the man behind The Grid) approached us, saying that he wants something different for The Grid. The idea was unique, in the sense that we have a vision of what we want here. [To build a] community,” says Jericson.

When you visit The Grid, one thing that will stand out is that the brands of each stalls are almost out of sight. No huge blinding LED screens or signage, but simpler, more minimalist labels.


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“Without the marketing, you want the product to stand out for itself. ’Cause that’s a challenge, eh,” explains Jericson. “There’s no branding or whatever. This is their branding. That’s it. We’re all giving that marketing part off, and saying, ‘Okay, this is what a proper basic food court should be.’”

This is why when you look at Edsa BDG’s drinks, there’s really not much of that frou-frou and fanfare that you’d normally see in upscale and Instagrammable places nowadays. You’d only get these normal-looking glasses—until you take a sip.


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Gin and tonic


What Edsa BDG prides itself in is the uniqueness of their flavors and the freshness of their creations. For their sodas, they’re dispensing with the high fructose corn syrup sodas, and creating their own sugar syrups by extracting the sugar from fruits, infusing it with brown sugar, putting in the acid from lemons and limes, and then carbonate.

It can get very technical when you let Jericson talk about their drinks, but it all comes down to these meticulous methods to make sure they’re delivering the best products. He shares that while he can get very geeky about their processes, that also gives them the leeway to experiment and bring out different flavors and combinations that will tickle their customers’ taste buds.

“So me and my partner, we both came from Vancouver. We were working in the food industry there. I used to be a bartender and got really way too into it. David used to be into coffee, and got way too into it. And then you just read up, you research, you experiment,” says Jericson about their roots. “And after several bouts of food poisoning (laughs), we were able to translate these weirder parts to our green apple kaffir, and lychee grapefruit soda.”

Another one of their interesting brews is the Turon Ginger Beer, which is a sweeter ginger beer (completely non-alcoholic) that’s infused with banana and langka. Building from the popularity of this beer, they’re doing an alcoholic variety of another Filipino favorite, this time combining green mango, peanut, and rum. What will it taste like? Jericson says it’s going to be like a peanut butter and jelly cocktail. “We may or may not have been drunk when we thought, ‘Hey why don’t we distill peanuts?’”


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These crazy concoctions are one leg of the foundation that keeps Edsa BDG afloat. Another one of the legs that hold them up is their expertise, and another is their commitment and passion to always whip up something new.


Irish Coffee


In the next few months, Edsa BDG is going to start rolling out newer flavors, and even a Make-Your-Own-Gin menu. You’ve got cardamom pods, cloves, chrysanthemum, sampaguita, calamansi, lime, grapefruit, and you make your own gin based from these usual gin elements. They’ve also got coffee classes coming up for the coffee connoisseurs, and an eggnog lined up for the holidays.

But while we wait for these amazing new drinks that Edsa BDG is gonna drop on us, we’re going to take our sweet time and enjoy their Irish coffee for a while, which is essentially an Americano with Irish whiskey and sweetened cream. It’s warm, it’s relaxing, it’s the perfect drink to take the edge off the morning and jumpstart your day.



“Come down here for the experience. I mean a lot of people will come here for the first month or so kasi ’di ba, ‘Oh ito ’yung bago, ito ’yung uso.’ But come here kasi everyone here is particularly passionate with what they do, and come back because of the community. I think everything being done here is at a level unseen yet in Manila. So that’s gonna be fun.”



Produced by Christina N. Lopez and Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Daniel Soriano

Special thanks to Sab Lee

Shot on location at The Grid, 2F Level Expansion, Power Plant Mall, Makati