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Dowell Opens The Doors Of Opportunity And Brings "Goodness To Life" To 5 Inspiring Scholars

Dowell, the leader in home appliance, not only brings goodness to life, but opens the door to amazing opportunities that allow others to achieve their dreams.

Dowell recently introduced its first batch of proud Dowell Scholars for 2018: Rose Ann Nacionales, Eugene Carnaje, Jhon Carl de Vera, Joshua Arensol and Abegail Cañero. While these high school graduates hail from different regions and backgrounds, and are driven by different passions, they share a strong bond—one that is powered by the genuine desire to finish their college education and to make a difference in the world through their chosen profession.  

Chosen from among multiple entries, these five graduates touched the hearts of Dowell with their inspiring stories.



“Through the Dowell scholarship fund, we hope to make a difference in the lives of the youth by helping secure a future that is built on hope, positivity, hardwork and encouragement,” says Julie Lim, Collins International Trading Corporation Vice-President. “Like the products that we make at Dowell, which bring goodness to life, through this scholarship grant, we also want to bring these children’s dreams to life. You know our company looks at education as very important; for us, it is better than just giving out donations because giving education to young people is long term.”

For the Dowell Scholars 2018 grant, each of the students will be given financial support by the company in their chosen four-year course. In return, the students must maintain high academic standing and continue to be inspiring role models for their family and peers.

At the recent launch of the Dowell Scholars 2018 grant, held at the official headquarters of Dowell, each of the scholars was given a plaque of appreciation as well as a laptop to help them kick-off their academic life.

“We know that these children have a bright future ahead of them, and Dowell wants to ensure that they’re able to see their dreams through. This scholarship grant would not have been possible without the support of all our loyal customers over the years,” says Lim. “In the coming years, we want to help more kids just like them, so if you believe in the cause too, help us by supporting the company, our initiatives and our products. Starting this year, with every purchase of Dowell appliances, a portion of the sales will be alloted to the Dowell Scholarship fund. Let’s all give these kids the bright future they deserve!”

For more information about the Dowell Scholars 2018 grant and Dowell products, visit the official Facebook page of Dowell: @dowellappliances, or call 0945-8012480, 0922-8660737 and (02) 681-1830.


Banner and thumbnail by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash