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5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘EIC On The Move’ Host Raul Manzano

We’re counting down to the premiere of EIC On the Move on Metro Channel, where Metro Society editor-in-chief Raul Manzano will be taking us to the most luxurious and most exclusive hotspots inside and outside of the country. He will be taking us to the most high-brow restaurants, the hottest in fashion, and the most opulent destinations around the world—it’s the ultimate bucketlist for a well-styled and curated life.

But before we let him take our hands on this journey, here are five things you didn’t know—but have to—about this amazing guy.


Raul is very good with numbers


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And we mean really really good. Before he went to the publishing and media industry, Raul spent a good chunk of his time working as a private and investment banker in Manila and in Hong Kong. He says that he left his “other life” behind to see and explore his creative side.


Raul turned his life around at 55

As if the career change wasn’t enough, Raul then switched his lifestyle 180 degrees. Raul confesses that before, he was a party animal; always out at night, drinking and partying.


Raul (rightmost) with the Metro Society team


But when he turned 55, he decided to change his lifestyle and live it a little on the healthier side. Now, Raul says he sleeps at 8:30 at night and wakes up at 5 a.m. to start his morning workout. His usual routine: 10 km on the treadmill.



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Raul is a great cook

You know he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to food because he’s a pretty good cook himself. He says he started cooking when he was college because he was “living in a dorm and won’t be able to eat anything” if he didn’t. His specialty? Thai cuisine. And he learned it all reading cookbooks.



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Impress your guests and follow Raul’s easy-to-prepare roasted leg of lamb below.



Raul wears many string bracelets

Raul has a number of string bracelets on both arms, all of them from his visits in Bangkok. He says that every time he’s in Thailand, he visits the same temple and the same monk ties one or two strings around his hand. The string bracelets are blessed and are supposed to bring luck and drive away evil spirits, and shouldn’t be taken off as they will come off on their own.



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Raul never says no to life

Whether it’s parasailing or enjoying a foam pool party, Raul is ready for anything.




We caught up with him behind the scenes, doing the voice over for the premiere of EIC on the Move—and he looks just as chill and all-set as ever.



Catch the premiere of EIC on the Move this July 30, 9 p.m., on Metro Channel 174 on Sky Cable HD.