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EXCLUSIVE: Newly Engaged Blogger Camille Co And Businessman Joni Koro Share The Rom-Com-Worthy Story Of How They First Met

“So I now know why he was so adamant to go to the garden, to go there really early, and why it was a non-negotiable that we go to the friggin’ garden,” said vlogger Camille Co in her latest video on YouTube.

Last August, the social media celebrity and her long-time boyfriend, Finnish entrepreneur Joni Koro, travelled together to Tokyo, Japan. But Camille had no idea that Joni included an important activity to the trip’s itinerary: a marriage proposal.



On the morning of August 4, the businessman asked Camille to go with him to Rikugi-en Garden. “I was pleading with Joni that maybe we could just like, you know, start the day really, really late,” quipped Camille in her vlog. “But he insisted on coming here early in the morning...because he said that it’s really pretty.” Little did Camille know that right in the middle of one of the most beautiful gardens in Tokyo, Joni would be popping the big question. And finally, after four years, the duo is now officially engaged.

“We have a video but we decided to keep it to ourselves,” said the couple. However, they were happy to share their double tap-worthy engagement photos to their followers, taken by none other than holiday photography service SweetEscape. Look at the happy couple!


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Photos courtesy of SweetEscape | Use the promo code CAMILLE for $50 off and 30 extra photos on your next SweetEscape booking.


After breaking the news on Instagram last September 1, Camille posted this photo showing her ring on IG Stories. "We don't have a date yet, but we're pretty set on a few things," she captioned.

Photo: @itscamilleco


To cap off the day’s festivities, the two celebrated by having lunch at a nearby convenience store. “Because I have a ring now on my finger, mag-titipid na tayo,” quipped Camille in her video. “No really, it’s so hot, I don’t have the energy to stroll anymore. We’ll just look for food here in Family Mart, because the food here is really good anyway.” In the vlog episode, the two joked about eating at a convenience store everyday in order to save up for their wedding and future house.

Photo: Camille Co


Photo: Camille Co


Photo: Camille Co

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style last June, the couple shared how they first met—and it’s worthy of a scene in a rom-com movie.


Photo: Daniel Soriano 


Their love story began 30,000 feet up in the air, on a plane ride to Bacolod. Joni was headed there for leisure and Camille for work. Originally, the blogger got bumped off her flight—but the brand she was working with really wanted her to arrive on time. After much persuasion, Camille finally got to board the plane.

“I was having such a bad day, so it slipped my mind that we were seated far from each other,” she recalled. As Camille looked for her friend, she shouted, “Pat! Pat! 18F?” To her surprise, an unfamiliar voice replied, “Here!”

Soon after she settled down next to him, Joni chatted her up for the next hour. “She was so cold,” he exclaimed, laughing at the memory. But by the end of the flight, he successfully asked Camille how he could get in touch. She eventually gave him her spare number. “Malay ko ba if he was a rapist or something?” Camille explained, “I can’t be fooled by his blue eyes. I was raised by a Chinese mother!”

It was a good thing Camille took the risk. The two eventually launched Curio Cavern, a Scandinavian-themed interior store together, working as business partners. “When you’re in business together, you’re together 24/7,” shared Joni.

But this time, they’re not just partners for Curio Cavern.

They’re partners for life.


Photo: Daniel Soriano

Photos courtesy of SweetEscape