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Express Yourself And Live An Inspired Life Like These 9 Confident Women

Women can be anything they set their minds to.


In this feature, we get a glimpse of 9 inspiring women: thoroughly unique, divinely fashioned, and a result of a profound journey that is a sum of their struggles, victories, and learnings—now ready to conquer the world with their passion and style.


Hear their words, listen to their stories. #WearYourStory


Kimi Yap


Celebrity stylist Kimi Yap, along with her equally stylish sister Boop, is all about classic style with a fresh twist. She’s used her keen eye for detail to dress up society’s and showbiz’s most beautiful, from Kathryn Bernardo to Kim Chiu and Kris Aquino.

“If you want to achieve something, you should always start early. Iba ‘yung advantage when you start ahead of everyone. And of course, love what you do. If hindi ka happy, you shouldn’t stay. There should always be passion in what you do. “


Boop Yap


Sister of fellow celebrity stylist Kimi, Boop Yap is all about making women look good and feel confident. But according to Boop, styling is not about having someone wear the latest trends or the finest threads from the biggest fashion labels, it’s about zoning in on what makes the person unique and expressing it through a style that is unique and very personal.

“I feel beautiful when I’m with my son – who I gave birth to a few months ago - because you feel that you’re wanted, and you know that he came from you. He’s a ball of sunshine, and he just makes me happy. I feel that whatever makes you happy brings out something beautiful inside of you.”



Happy Andrada


Designer Happy Andrada is excited to take on fashion risks, and they’re all paying off. The multi-awarded couture designer has garnered numerous awards – both locally and internationally - and most recently took home two honors from the International Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul, Korea. With her whimsical touch and unique aesthetic, Happy represents the best of Filipino talent and is bringing that local flavor to the global fashion scene.

“To feel beautiful, it all starts from within. It starts from thinking of positive thoughts like feeling good and feeling great.”



Esme Palaganas


Though young, Esme Palaganas is beyond her years in wisdom, carrying herself with a confidence that is only earned over years of discernment and soul-searching. A true creative visionary, Esme continually pushes herself and allows her eye and soul for design to evolve naturally, taking her to new challenges that widen her perspective.

“I may seem very self-confident, but it honestly came about out of necessity.  Working in a very competitive industry where you have so many to compare yourself to, you really have to build that stronger sense of self or you break. A few months back, I felt that I had lost myself for a bit and it’s been a struggle. But I’ve learned that it’s about surrounding yourself with the right people a who have the same track of mind and sending out positive vibes to the world. Because the energy that you send out to the universe is what the universe will send back to you.”


Patty Ang



Patty Ang has encountered hurdles in her life — the designer did not originally get into the fashion program in college, and got pregnant at a young age. Still, these only resolved her drive as she opened her own label, taking the fashion scene by storm with her crisp and minimalist pieces.

I had a kid at a young age, and I’m thankful to my family because they helped me surpass those stages. But looking back at it now, though it was difficult, it helped me grow and mature in ways I wouldn’t have expected. It helped me see the bigger picture, understand what the real world is like, and ultimately learn responsibility.”



Art Director

When her favorite magazine title closed a few years ago, Mags Ocampo thought that she had lost her dream job. But now, the 24-year-old art director has discovered a greater future filled with exciting possibilities. She’s currently juggling three jobs—working at a publishing house, creative agency and marketing firm—all of which are testing the limits of her creativity. Through these, she’s found greater purpose and a renewed drive to succeed. 

“I felt lost when the magazine I had worked for and loved suddenly shut down. I felt that I had lost my dream job. But there was a silver lining. It was during this phase of the ‘unknown’ that I became braver and said yes to all opportunities. And that opened up so many new pathways.”


Slo Lopez

Makeup Artist

Slo Lopez describes her makeup aesthetic as very polarizing, because most of the time, she hits the extremes, and “paints” according to how she feels. She’s known for her barely-there makeup and her crazy, fantasy, avant-garde looks, and she’s exploring more ways to do it all better.


“The face can hold so much emotion, so I like to play with that, and I try to focus on making a person beautiful rather than pretty. The difference being, pretty is dismissive (superficial), while beautiful is capturing all dimensions of the person.”  


Karen Dela Fuente


When photographer Karen Dela Fuente first held the camera given to her by her mom as a gift in her hands, she knew she could do great things. Since then, she’s taken her lens and has captured the most powerful moments in music. Today, she’s an apprentice under a commercial director and hopes to pursue a career in production. 

“What I love about being a music photographer is that you’re really in the moment. Nothing beats being in the ‘mosh pit,’ being up close and personal with the singer or band, hearing the music, and seeing the crowds and performers come together. It’s dynamic and moving, and even life-changing.”



Andrea Beldua


Visual artist and photographer Andrea Beldua has dabbled with the arts from the traditional forms of painting and illustration to the collegiate courses of photojournalism to the more millennial mediums of fashion blogging and artistic photography. This self-critical, self-confessed ‘Barbie on Acid’ has graduated from taking photos of herself to making a name for herself in the industry.

 “I think I feel most beautiful when I put in the effort to make myself beautiful. Kasi aminin ko, I'm not a low-maintenance girl. I'm not a natural. I love putting in the work. I think for me, (dolling up and getting dressed) is my form of self-love, showing myself that I'm important. For me, it’s always - you do you. ”



Produced by Ide8 team and Lorenz Namalata

Photography by Emerson Leonor

Styled by  Myrrh Lao To and team

Makeup by MAC Cosmetics PH

Hairstyling by Muriel Vega Perez and team

Production Design Princess Baretto and team

Shot on Location at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

Interns Roline Red Ricafort and Jan Adriel Salvatierra