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Family Faux Pas? The Spanish Royal Family's Cringe-Worthy Easter Episode

Things have gone as far as likening this royal family's tension to real-life Game of Thrones.



Todo lo que quieres saber sobre la anciana que ha dado tanto que hablar esta semana.

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There's been trouble in Spain's monarchy in the past, and it looks like the tension came to a head last Sunday during the family's annual Easter trip to the island of Mallorca. The family's two queens, who are also each other's in-laws, were caught on video having a wordless spat with each other at church.

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned into a social media firestorm with the undeniably inappropriate behavior displayed by Queen Letizia, reigning queen and wife to King Felipe, and her mother-in-law who was queen until 2014, Sofia.


Here's what happened:

After Easter church service held at the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, Sofia was preparing to meet well-wishers waiting outside. She was seen walking side by side with her granddaughters Princesses Leonor and Sofia, and posing for a few photographers.

However, Letizia quickly entered the scene in what appeared to be an attempt to block photographers' view of the trio. Sofia, initially unfazed by her daughter-in-law's behavior, even put her arm around Leonor and held her close. Letizia seemed to be even more triggered by this gesture and tried to brush her mother-in-law's hand away from Leonor.



Sofia simply held on tighter, and finally, the 12-year-old Leonor had had enough of the situation and forcefully freed herself from her grandmother's arm.

King Felipe, who many assume sensed the awkwardness, looked like he briefly stepped in to defuse a potentially explosive controversy. Though inaudible, it's clear that the King said a few words to his wife and mother to try and calm them.


If you think that was bad, it doesn't end there:

Another video showing what happened when the family finally exited the church surfaced.

It shows Sofia planting a kiss on Leonor's forehead. It's a sweet gesture shared by tons of grandmothers and granddaughters from all over, except for this pair, Letizia swooped in to wipe the spot on Leonor's forehead seconds after her moment with Sofia.




But worse became worst, thanks to social media:

The world wouldn't have known about what went down last Sunday but unfortunately for this royal family, the Internet is able to spread news at lightning speed and to places far and wide.

Falling victim to the Interweb's far-reaching tendrils, the videos above have been viewed millions of times with the Spanish public being disappointed in their Queen. Many of them seemed to take Sofia's side on this one.

To rub salt on the wound, Crown Princess of Greece Marie Chantal, wife of King Felipe's cousin Prince Pavlos, even took to Twitter to express her disapproval of the situation. She didn't bother mincing her words, either.




With this, people seem to have theories about the Queen-centric feud:

Letizia had a great relationship with her mother-in-law up until 2008 when autobiographer Pilar Urbano penned a book about then Queen Sofia. The publication's contents were based on conversations Pilar had with Sofia and included quotes from Letizia that she claimed painted her in a bad light.

Letizia hit back by restricting Sofia's privileges to see her granddaughters, and they've reportedly had a strained relationship ever since.

No representative from the Spanish royal family has come forward with an official statement to address this.


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