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WATCH: Kids Greet Their Dads, And Reveal What They Love About Them This Father's Day!

Sweetness alert! There's some serious touching (and hilarious) moments coming these dads' way!

A dad will be different things to his children at different stages of their lives.

Most often, dads start off as their do-no-wrong superhero: a super strong action figure come to life who's available anytime, anywhere to heed their calls of help—especially when a fall at the playground ends with a scraped knee.

And then, perhaps, he becomes their play buddy; they compete at LEGO, they assemble pillow forts together, they have tickle challenges, they see who can hold their breath the longest or win the day's staring contest.

But in the blink of an eye, suddenly, silly games turn into conversations about lessons that matter and last a lifetime; all of a sudden, dad finds himself giving out advice that begins with "When I was your age..." or keeping secrets from mom about crushes and dating, or teaching kids how to drive and the importance of working hard, having goals, and always being kind and helpful and gracious.

It's an amazing thing, the business of fatherhood, and this Father's Day, these kids are celebrating all these things and more!

Jam Acuzar; Patty Ang and her sister Francesca Grace; Noelle, Tyler, and Maxen Martinez; and Manolo, Ines, and Javier Angara share everything their dads have been for them, so far; every dad represents a unique thing to their kids, but in the end, he remains to be their hero with his very own unique set of super powers meant just for them.

See what these kids had to say about their dads in the videos below!

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#DadBods: Fit Dads That Inspire Us To Take Care Of Ourselves

Photos from @mikaelamartinez and @tootsyangara