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WATCH: Tootsy Angara And Her Kids Surprise Sen. Sonny With Father's Day Tributes

After beating COVID-19 not once, but twice, this dad gets to celebrate one of the best Father's Days of his life with the people who matter most to him!

We're always told to treat each day, each moment, as if it were our last.

And while it might suggest that something tragic, something truly sad is always on the periphery, this is exactly the lesson that Tootsy Angara, as well as her kids Manolo, Ines, and Javier want to reiterate to families this year and beyond.

See, this Father's Day is extra special for the Angara brood; Senator Sonny Angara was diagnosed with COVID-19, not once, but twice! He first contracted the disease in April, then suffered from re-infection in May. 

More importantly, he lived to tell his tale of recovery, family support as the best medicine, and the value of staying in tiptop shape not only for himself, but for his wife and kids, too, both times.

Father's Day gave them renewed appreciation of what it means to have a dad by their side, plus all the the things he does for his family. (And he does a lot, according to Tootsy, with the sole exception of roller coaster riding, she jokes). 

And to make sure they, and other families, never forget how to make dad extra special regardless of the circumstances surrounding the occasion, we're sharing tributes from Sen. Sonny's kids and Tootsy via the videos below!

Photos from @tootsyangara