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From Russia With Love: The Hottest Players Of The FIFA World Cup 2018

Halfway through the 2018 World Cup series and we’re already feeling the heat.

And by heat we mean the one coming from watching the sweaty, scruffy guys who run around the pitch trying to get past the defenders and score a goal. I’m sure it’s intense inside the field but no, we’re not really quite interested on who makes it to the top or who scores the highest, because who are we kidding? Most of us just sit beside our overreacting husbands, boyfriends, brothers, or dads the entire game. While they scream and jump, we stay still on the couch silently and *secretly* drooling over these athletes.

We all went through the David Beckham phase, with his herculean physique and his gorgeous face that actually got us all watching football some moons ago, and we just can’t shake the madness just yet.

Here are the guys who made it to our list.

But first, Note #1: There’s no Messi or Ronaldo in the list.

And Note #2: I know you have your own list but don’t worry, we can compare notes later. *wink




In the history of the FIFA World Cup Series, England and Belgium went head to head with each other 21 times already with England on the victorious end garnering 15 wins in total against the Belgians. But in this list, Belgium topped the list with England trailing behind him. Yannick’s bushy beard and his resting bitch face just won us over, sorry.


Catch the remaining games of the World Cup on ABS-CBN’s sports channel, S+A Channel 23 and Liga channel 86 to get a closer look at our hunk athletes, or you can just fly straight to Russia to meet them in the flesh.


Photos from the athletes' respective Instagram and Twitter accounts and Wikicommons