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Foxy After 40: 9 Salt And Pepper Dads We’re Loving From Afar

Since it's Father’s Day, we have found an acceptable excuse to drool over appreciate the overall physical aesthetic of famous celebrity dads who have gone from cute to foxy. They’ve fully embraced the natural enhancements of age—crow’s feet and hair color change included—and guess what, they’ve turned breathtaking.

Sporting their almost majestic silver hair, here are 9 foxy dads we’re free to love on Instagram:


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Albert Martinez

Probably taken from the same foxy breed as George Clooney, 57-year-old Albert Martinez looks great with gray hair. He may be taking on too many father roles, both bad and good, on television these days, but he sure is one amazing dad to his three children.




Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke Writer, actor, director Ethan Hawke has been trotting around filmville with his greying ‘stache and ‘do for a while now. Sure, he looked sleek without facial hair during his Before Sunrise days, but boy does he look like scruffy heaven at 47, adding a little bit of bite to his real-life character.


Back at it with Stephen. Tonight on @ColbertLateShow.

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Victor Consunji

Maggie Wilson’s favorite arm-candy just turned 41 in time for this list (wow). We often see him racing his way around the world for a worthy cause (check out his Instagram account) while being the extra witty father to their little kiddo who looks exactly like his mommy.






Timothy Olyphant

50-year-old Timothy Olyphant is best known as the husband of living zombie Drew Barrymore in the popular Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet. He could well be a zombie whisperer in real life, being blessed with looks flesh-eating creatures wouldn’t want to mangle or mess with.



#timothyolyphant #santaclaritadiet #tvdrama #love

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@santaclaritadiet star #TimothyOlyphant ??

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David Beckham

This 43-year-old football superstar doesn’t look like he’s in his forties at all. If not for the few strands of gray hair peeking from his gorgeous head here and there, he might be mistaken for someone just a little over thirty. Victoria’s victorious with this one!



Night shoots in Macau ???? and making new friends #Macau ♥?

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Buenos Dias Miami ?? ?? @southern_legion

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Anthony Pangilinan

Motivational speaker and a cool dad to five equally cool kids, dapper father Anthony Pangilinan rocks his gray roots with sass and sophistication. He’s generous enough to share the stunning secrets of agelessness via his fitness routines on his Instagram account. 




Great company. Strong roots. Keep it deep, son.

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Gippy Tantoco

Aside from being an advocate of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, Gippy Tantoco’s other asset is probably his sexy gray ponytail, and it’s absolutely pretty to stare at. We often see his ripped physique underneath his signature white shirt (thanks to his wife Hindy Weber’s Instagram profile), which he wears either around their farm or at the beach with their four adorable children.






John Estrada

We all know him to be “maginoo pero medyo bastos”. A bad boy look with a baller’s height, John Estrada must have been used to a bevy of girls trailing behind him during his younger years. Now that he’s a sexy father of five, women of all ages can admire him from afar.






Piolo Pascual

He isn’t the ultimate heartthrob for nothing. Even at 41, Piolo Pascual is still as dreamy as he was back when he was still a budding artist, finding his way around the complicated loops and turns of show business. One thing we know for sure is that his 20-year-old son stands to inherit the special Papa P sauce, from his impressive six-pack to the signature Pinoy looks that send every girl in the country into an ogling frenzy.