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Fil-Am Entrepreneur Garrett Gee Has Been Traveling The World With His "Bucket List Family" For Two Years Straight—Here's How They Did It

29-year-old tech entrepreneur Garrett Gee and his wife, Jessica, are living the life!

In four years, the young couple has done what many of us only fantasize about as we longingly go through travel posts on our social media feeds: they exchanged the comforts of conventional living with life on the road, in the air, and out at sea. They've been everywhere from Indonesia to Scotland, South Africa to Japan, Greece to the Dominican Republic, and the Maldives to Nepal.




For 100 consecutive weeks, the couple has been traveling from coast to coast and pole to pole, bringing along their two (and very cute) children, 4-year-old Dorothy and 2-year-old Manilla. The adventure-loving couple is also set to welcome their third child, Cali. Collectively, they've become famous as "The Bucket List Family."




Considering their nomadic lifestyle, how were Garrett and Jessica making enough money to sustain their never-ending vacation? According to Garrett, he hasn't spent a single cent to keep it up, or at least, not in the way we imagine they might be spending to be able to see the world.




It all started in 2014 when Garrett, a talented tech whiz, was a financially burdened student enrolled at Brigham Young University. While juggling academics and soccer practice, Garrett and his friends developed a technology that allowed mobile phones to scan codes and send the data to the apps that required it. Hoping to attract investors, they pitched the idea on TV show Shark Tank with Garrett memorably wearing slippers and faded jeans as he won the panel of judges over.




Snapchat took notice of their idea, and in 2015, purchased it from them for a comfortable sum of $54,000,000. That's an eye-watering P2,788,020,000 paid for an app developed in a college dorm room.




Now, you might be thinking that a travel fund in the millions is what's been fueling Garrett's international escapades. Wrong—Garrett hasn't touched a penny from his cut as he and Jessica have put it all in savings. Having experienced what it was like to be short of cash in the past, the couple made it a point to be frugal and thrifty while preparing for their children's future. Garrett, in particular, pointed out that in the tech industry, he has seen one too many one-day millionaires; he made sure he wasn't going to be one of them.




What they did spend, though, was the $45,000 they made from the sale of all their belongings from their home. Garrett and Jessica, knowing that they had more than enough in the bank to keep them comfortable for some time, initially made plans to travel for six months and sell everything they had to make the dream come true. They agreed they would come home and work harder than ever after their half-a-year holiday, or at least until the money ran out. The thing is, it never did.



As they were down to their last $5,000 in their fifth month, sponsorships and partnerships started pouring in. Garrett, who also has passions in photography and videography, documented the family's best moments on social media. Clothing brands, hotels and resorts, airlines, and even restaurants got wind of "The Bucket List Family" and how amazing their story was and started funding more of their adventures.



Both first timers at Lake Powell!! /// @thebucketlistfamily

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In the age of social media and digital marketing, Garrett and Jessica became accidental full-time social media profit-makers. Garrett takes care of the production, while Jessica is in charge of itineraries and budgets. 180 flights after and two years into their vacation, the pair charges anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 for a video and earn anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 for a sponsored post.



But the family of four doesn't travel simply for pleasure; everywhere they go, they make sure they're able to better the lives of the people they encounter by giving back to the communities that welcomed them. Often, they search for families in need of financial assistance and help anonymously.

In Nepal, they raised more than $50,000 to build a school that focuses on teaching girls and women ways to protect themselves from human trafficking. They also founded Pin Pals, a service that allows travelers to purchase custom-made pins from the cities they visit, proceeds from which The Bucket Family continues to use for their volunteering efforts.



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As they continue to enjoy their not-so-usual family life, Garrett and Jessica acknowledge that they'll have to settle down one day when their children will have to go to school. Dorothy went to her first day of nursery in Bali, while Manilla's potty training started in South Korea. But one day, they're going to have to settle back down in their home base in Utah.




More so, Garrett also shared that he has zero plans of taking it easy when he goes back home. He'll continue to work on more unique technology and groundbreaking applications, and hopefully, make enough to be able to go on even more trips with his beautiful family.



Learning from Garrett and Jessica, what will you do to make your dreams come true?



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