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Get to Know Lovi Poe’s Fiancé Monty Blencowe

He is a filmmaker and scientist!

Last August 8, 2023, Kapamilya actress Lovi Poe finally announced her engagement with long-time boyfriend Montgomery “Monty” Blencowe. On her Instagram, she broke the news to the public, sharing about her relationship milestone. 

A couple of years ago, there were two coffees, one sunrise, and a ring,” the Batang Quiapo leading leady captioned her post. “We’ve shared and celebrated this moment quietly with our family and closest friends, so we’re now more than happy to share this sweet #lifeupdate with you.”

However, the man behind the proposal, whom most people got to know only through Lovi’s social media posts and updates, remains a mystery to some. While we already know that he is based in the United States, we gathered a few more facts about the mystery Brit:

1. Monty Blencowe hails from the United Kingdom. 

Originally from Brighton, England, Monty was born on August 13 to parents Richard and Nazila. He now lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is currently pursuing his passion for the arts and sciences. 

2. He is a Hollywood film producer.

Monty’s line of work is not far from Lovi’s. In fact, he worked on several Hollywood films as an Executive Producer and has collaborated with top talents in Tinseltown like Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro, and Sylvester Stallone. Some of Monty’s works include The Prince (2014), Heist (2015), Marauders (2016), Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018), 10 Minutes Gone (2019), and Trauma Center (2019). 

3. He has two brothers who are also filmmakers.

In his family, Monty is not the only one who has a flair for entertainment. His two siblings, Martin and Michael, are Executive Producers as well, and have been co-producing films like Freelancers (2012), Fire With Fire (2012), and Empire State (2013). 

4. He is a science and research expert.

Apart from being a film and entertainment practitioner, Monty Blencowe is also a scientist and researcher. He holds multiple degrees in the sciences such as Biomedical Science, Physiological Science, and Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology. He, too, attended one of the most prominent universities in California—the University of the California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

5. Monty works at Lovi’s production company C’est Lovi Productions.

Truly, Monty is not only Lovi’s romantic partner, but her business partner as well! In fact, Lovi revealed last March 2023 that they are collaborating on a project together, where Monty works as an Executive Producer.

Lead photos from @lovipoe

In the Mood for Love: Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe’s Romance and Proposal


In the Mood for Love: Lovi Poe and Monty Blencowe’s Romance and Proposal