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Who Is Gideon Hermosa? Find Out Why He Is Today’s Most In-Demand Celebrity Event Stylist And Florist


Gideon Hermosa—if the name sounds familiar to you, chances are, you've come across his name being tagged or mentioned by celebrities and other personalities on social media. 

One of his celebrity clients, Coleen Garcia, who got married to Billy Crawford in Balesin last April 20 expressed how impressed she was at how dreamy and beautifully surreal their wedding venue was transformed into with the magic touch of Gideon; she thanks him on Instagram, saying (in all caps, to emphasize her astonishment at the beauty of it all), "YOU. ARE. ABSOLUTELY. AMAZING. GIDEON HERMOSA."


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I wanna say that the wedding was a dream come true, but tbh @billycrawford and I are not creative enough to dream like this ?? YOU. ARE. ABSOLUTELY. AMAZING. GIDEON HERMOSA. ???? We never had a peg nor a theme in mind for our wedding, only a bunch of random likes and dislikes. We simply sat down with @labellefete and @gideonhermosa as they got to know us, and they decided to surprise us. The last thing we wanted was to clip their wings and limit their creativity. All I can say is, surprise ACHIEVED. You’ve put whatever ideas and expectations we had to shame. ???? Gideon and @ycoysitchon, you guys are a tag-team made in heaven, and I am so soooo filled with joy and still in awe of how ASKSJDXNDHSKABKN the wedding was!!!! Indescribable, and utterly flawless in my eyes! ?????? Ycoy, thank you so much for the patience and understanding; for the selflessness and dedication, and for being on top of everything even when you were sick! I’ve always had so much faith in you, and you never let us down. All of this was made possible because of you! God surely led us to the right people! Without a doubt! #coleengotthebill

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His name, Gideon—a biblical character—seems symbolic to what he means to his clients. Heaven-sent is what they perceive him as, being the man who will do whatever it takes to give every occasion a slice of paradise.

From Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes to Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano to Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales, Gideon's clientele of celebrity couples just keeps getting bigger.

Soft-spoken, unassuming and humble, Gideon surprises and impresses with his signature lavish, extravagant and over-the-top aesthetic in event styling. Whatever his client's event vision and requirements are, one can expect him to deliver by exceeding all expectations.

The most amazing things about Gideon? He is self-taught and self-made, establishing himself as the favorite and go-to celebrity event stylist and florist at only 30 years old!


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Starting small

From his hometown in Tarlac, Gideon has come a long way after making a name in the event styling scene in Manila. Now, he is penetrating the international market, too, with his social media account speaking volumes about his talent and expertise.

Recently, Gideon and his team worked with a Swedish couple who held their wedding in Austria. "As in walang Filipino du'n," Gideon says, utterly amazed at how social media has helped him reach more potential clients from different parts of the world. From this one, he shared that he also has weddings in Ecuador and Spain lined up for next year. 

To say that Gideon's calendar is full is an understatement. This shoot with him was scheduled as soon as he arrived from a trip in Europe (where he styled a wedding in Rome), and that day he was also preparing to leave for yet another out of the country work-related trip. 

His work gives him the opportunity to travel the world and allows him to explore different cultures. But, despite having set foot on many destinations in the Philippines and abroad, the places that will forever hold special spots in his heart are Baguio and Pangasinan.

Ever since he was in high school, he has always been into arts and crafts. But it was in 2006 when Gideon first experienced styling events. He was still a student taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management in the University of Baguio at the time, when he felt his calling for the profession that was once underrated. “I started with a wedding na ni-request ng housemate ko from Baguio. Tinulungan ko ’yung friend ko. Nag-change ’yung dating ng venue. Na-transform namin ’yung place,” Gideon recalls his humble beginnings with a smile. Since that time, he had put his love for event styling into practice by helping out friends and his friends’ friends.  

His early on-the-job trainings in the field of hotel and restaurant management, where he was exposed to the wedding scene, his passion for flowers, and a chance encounter with Ciudad Fernandino hotel’s owner (who wanted to collaborate with him) during a bridal fair in Dagupan City were what further convinced him that styling weddings was the right career path for him to take—he was right!

Having grown up independently, dipping his toes and testing the waters of this career with a go-all-in mindset was not a problem for Gideon. He educated himself of the basics in this industry, taking in as much inspiration as he can from local and foreign magazines—take note that this was a time when the internet was not as ubiquitous as it is today and social media wasn’t a thing yet. 


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Big things come from small beginnings

With his flair for risk-taking—that go-big-or-go-home attitude towards making something out of nothing—Gideon founded The Events Studio by Gideon Hermosa in 2010. His place of business was in Pangasinan. “Nu’ng time na ’yun, sinikreto ko sa parents ko na nag-start ako ng business,” he shares. “Natatakot ako na baka hindi ako maging successful.”

Describing the wedding scene back then while looking back at the early design challenges he faced, Gideon says, “It was not as big as now. Before, you have a theme, you have a motif tapos basta maganda lang. Nag-start ako sa industry, ang ceiling decor, tela lang, drapes. Tapos we tried adding different materials na, like crystals and lanterns. Until sa, ako, parang nagsasawa na din na paulit-ulit ’yung style na ’yun, na kahit paiba-iba ’yung themes, ’yun lang din ’yung design sa taas. Sabi ko, parang maganda ata kung ima-match sa taas kung ano ’yung nasa baba. Du’n nag-start ’yung parang hanging decor tapos du’n din kami nakilala talaga.”     

His feats were later proven to be noteworthy as his name as an event stylist and florist was validated through a wedding magazine feature, which focused on wedding suppliers outside of Manila.

Next thing he knew, he was already in Manila, doing a set design for ABS-CBN morning show Umagang Kay Ganda, which required him to come up with a unique theme for a wedding design: an “Angry Birds” inspired look! A few years later, he also did on several occasions the styling for Kris Aquino’s KrisTV, and was even tapped to be a guest for the show.

In 2013, beauty queen Shamcey Supsup and her husband Lloyd Lee got Gideon to have their wedding #Gideonized. His other celebrity couples include Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion, Camille Prats and VJ Yambao, Rachelle Ann Go and Martin Spies, Luis Alandy and Joselle Fernandez, fashion designer Francis Libiran and Christian Mark Jacobs, Aiai delas Alas and Gerald Sibayan, and fashion stylist Boop Yap and Kevin Tañedo. He also does bridal bouquets, and did so for Kaye Abad's wedding to Paul Jake Castillo.  

Aside from weddings, The Events Studio by Gideon Hermosa also works on creating dreamy venues, setups, and vignettes for debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, baby showers, corporate events, and proms.





The #Gideonized signature style  

His signature hanging décor is majestic and elaborate to a point that’s exaggeratedly beautiful. When a venue or event is #Gideonized—a hashtag Gideon started (thanks to "Queen of All Media" Kris Aquino who coined the term for him), to put his stamp on the events he has beautified, which would collate thousands of photos from all the events he did over the years—expect that you’re in for a truly visual feast; everywhere you look, the details are sure to leave you in awe.

His works are dreams turned into reality. The excessive yet stunning and well thought out use of flowers and foliage, oversized chandeliers, tall candelabras, big candle lanterns, mirrored tables and other reflective pieces, string lights, cascading centrepieces, dangling accents, exquisite dinnerware, and many other luxurious accents is extraordinary. His attention to detail is superb.

Gideon likes taking design risks, and he doesn’t like working solely based on pegs shared to him by his clients. He wants to create and enhance the vision of his clients by creating a version of that vision with a “Gideonized” touch. He says, “Sobra akong adventurous. I always try something different, something new. I try to exceed expectations.”

A  creative soul who always strive to exceed expectations—his clients’ and even his own—that’s exactly what Gideon’s reputation is. “As much as possible, tina-try kong na gawing masaya ’yung work kahit challenging na,” he shares—because, at the end of the day, with all the flowers he’s creatively arranging and putting together on a daily basis, he knows he should never forget to stop and smell the roses.




Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Charisma Lico

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Makeup by Mickey See

Hairstyling by Jerry Javier

Styling by Kim & Boop Yap