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Top Gift Recommendations For Moms, From These Blogger Moms You'd Love To Follow

They say being a mom is a profession that you can’t ever resign from (and wouldn’t want to either!). With everything a mom has to juggle (mommy duties, wife duties, career, social life, and me-time), all moms deserve to be treated like royalty especially for the occasion that truly celebrates them.

On Mother’s Day, gift them with a present she’ll truly love—get one (or all!) of these moms-you'd-love-to-follow-approved items. It's not too late to do so, besides, we shouldn't only be recognizing them and their efforts during Mother's Day, but rather all year 'round, just as they would love and take care for us all throughout the year.



Shari Poquiz, The Misty Mom (

The beauty junkie and mom of one looks into de-stressing Mother’s Day away.



“I just had Xeomin treatment and can I just say, it has made me look approachable, relaxed, and younger!” Bring mom to the nearest beauty clinic and enjoy a get-gorgeous session!


It’s been 2 weeks since I had my first ever Xeomin treatment and I’ve been so happy with the results. Since it was my first time, Dra. Issa Cellona targeted my glabellar lines - the number “11” on my forehead between my eyebrows. Never really minded them until I looked in the mirror with my stressed face on. •• Now I understand why people I’m with would always ask me, “Are you okay? Are you stressed? Do you have a problem?” ?? I mean, it’s not something I’m ashamed of but it sure does make a world of difference after Xeomin! Now, I even have to explicitly tell Selene I’m mad because my brows don’t furrow anymore and she can’t tell I’m angry! ???? Watch my IG stories today to see the difference ? •• If you guys want to see me undergoing the treatment, check out the Xeomin highlight post on my bio. Warning: injections ahead! ?? #XeominatSkinCell #DefyTime #Xeomin @skincellph

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Simple pleasures can make a big difference, too—a good bottle of wine and face mask before hitting the sack, perhaps?



Jackie Go, Go Jackie Go (

The best gift for mom? “It’s really more of spending time with your kids.” We cannot agree more. But if anything, Jackie recommends one powerful tool for all the radiant moms out there!



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Help mom achieve her best. skin. ever! with a bottle of good ol’ moisturizer that addresses her skin concerns.



Cat Arambulo-Antonio (

The blogger, fashion and interior designer, and social media influencer is big on empowering fellow moms and spreading awareness on self-love, so we're not surprised with her ultimate pick for every mom's special day.



Cat swears by the Aivee Clinic's treatments! "Trust me, they take away ages!"


Photograph by Ria Regino (cover photo and content image)