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Ginger Conejero Is Our E! People's Choice Awards 2019 Red Carpet Insider

Here's a look back on the journey of this beauty queen-turned-international news anchor

Before becoming a reporter, Ginger Conejero was first a beauty queen. Her pageant highlight is joining Miss Philippines Earth 2016, where she was crowned Miss Philippines Air. It was an experience she knew would open doors of opportunities for her. True enough, it became a stepping stone that led her to a career she has always wanted to pursue.  

Ginger tells Metro.Style, “Being a reporter has always been a dream of mine. Pero, it was something na hindi ko na-pursue because my mom wanted me to become a lawyer. Ayun 'yung track ko in college—Pol-Sci.” She took up Political Science and graduated magna cum laude at the University of Southern California, before coming to the Philippines. 

Her dream of becoming a TV reporter seemed far-fetched in the beginning, but the universe heard the content of her heart and paved the way for that dream to become a reality. She shares, “I hosted the backstage part of Miss Universe 2006 and met some people from ABS-CBN. I remember being invited to come to ABS-CBN and do an interview. I went to DZMM pero baluktot pa ‘yung Tagalog ko. They were just like, ‘Okay, let’s try ANC and let’s see if you’ll like it.’” 

She eventually landed a job as a host for TV Patrol’s entertainment segment as well as in Mornings @ ANC. “Noong nagkaroon ng opportunity, I snatched it up and I went against my parent’s wishes at that time. I fought to stay in Manila because there was an opportunity to become a reporter and learn the industry. I’ve fallen in love with the industry since! That just really snowballed into what is now like a twelve-year career," she recalls.

She veered away from the local news scene in 2017, and continued her journey internationally by taking a job at The Filipino Channel (TFC). A reporter in their Balitang America show, she now covers the significant news, events, exclusives and special features which target the interest of Filipinos who live abroad.

In 2018, she got married to Bruno Saab in a private ceremony at The Most Holy Rosary Chapel in San Francisco, the details of her wedding and her relationship with Bruno she even shared with Metro.Style (check out the link below!)


EXCLUSIVE: The Wedding Album Of Ginger Conejero And Bruno Saab, Plus All The Details On The Tropical Nuptials—Straight From The Bride


EXCLUSIVE: The Wedding Album Of Ginger Conejero And Bruno Saab, Plus All The Details On The Tropical Nuptials—Straight From The Bride

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Now that she has penetrated the international entertainment news scene, it’s also no surprise how she comfortably handles herself in events and press junkets. She says, “Meeting Hollywood stars was always exciting because you see them on the big screens, and you have the opportunity to meet and get to know them in person. I’ve interviewed Jackie Chan, Cameron Diaz, Steven Tylernagka-duet pa kami!

Ginger also talked about her encounter with famous artist Justin Timberlake. “I was coming back from a flight from San Francisco, and then he was flying into the Philippines for a concert. As a reporter—you know our news organization sa ABS-CBN—you’re really trained to think that when there is some sort of big event, ang maiisip mo, ‘Ay! Makakakuha ako ng scoop kaysa sa mga ibang networks kasi nandito ako sa loob as a passenger.’ So, I immediately tried to get some sort of cellphone video of him and ambushing him like, ‘Hey Justin! Can you say something to your Filipino fans? He remained pretty quiet and I was walking backwards. There was one point na parang inalalayan niya ako because I might fall over walking backwards and said, ‘Oh, watch out!’ I never heard him say it [I want to marry you], but apparently, the photographer said that he said something like that. Nakakahiya kasi hindi naman ako naniniwala but I’ll take it! Bumili ako ng sampung dyaryo noon.”

Aside from her unforgettable experiences seeing and meeting Hollywood celebrities, she also emphasized that covering the Miss Universe 2015 pageant was truly one for the books, saying, “Covering pageants is a personal interest, and that took up a very big bulk of my reportorial duties with TV Patrol.” She also shared her favorite part about covering important events: “I like the rush of live reports and breaking news. It’s a little bit of a challenge of getting to the bottom of the story, and telling the story better than your competitors—it’s a rush and a really cool feeling. That is for sure my favorite part about the work that we do.”

Ginger is our E! People’s Choice Awards 2019 Red Carpet Insider, and we look forward to seeing her face and dynamic personality as she covers the iconic awards show for the people, by the people!

And as we count the hours before the big event on November 11, we invite you to stay tuned on Sky Cable, channel 52 at 8a.m. to watch the full coverage of the event. Follow the live stories in our Instagram page @metrodotstyle.

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