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Having A Whale Of A Time: Wales Falls In Love With Modern Royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

As they count down the days to their highly-anticipated May 19 wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to go on a series of royal engagements.



Their second official visit of the year led them to Cardiff in Wales, a country in southwest Great Britain known for its rugged coastlines, mountain ranges, and rich Celtic culture.



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The trip aimed to bring the couple closer to residents in Cardiff's Tremorfa area, many of whom are children receiving social and economic aid.



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Unabashedly smitten by his fiancée, Prince Harry has mentioned that he hopes these trips will help familiarize American-born Meghan with Great Britain's countries and towns, a number of which she will need to know by heart when she joins his side as a member of the royal family.



Living up to their reputation of being modern royals, the crowd-pleasing couple opted to take public transportation to Wales, much to the admiration of the British public. Prince Harry and Meghan gamely boarded the train from London, even experiencing a one-hour delay when the technical problems put the ride to a stop! The down-to-earth royals exercised patience, eventually arriving in Wales at two in the afternoon on January 19 to a cheering audience.



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Prince Harry and Meghan made up for their fashionably late entrance by lingering in the streets of Cardiff that were lined with well-wishers and supporters.



Women, men, and children waved Welsh flags in greeting, brought bouquets, and small trinkets to give to the friendly couple after waiting for their arrival since dawn.



Walking down the street hand in hand, the couple parted ways to be able to meet and speak with as many people as possible.




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Meghan took the time to receive daffodils—Wales' national flower—from a supporter, and spoke to a well-wisher who suggested she have her hen do (bachelorette's party) in Cardiff by exploring its many pubs and bars.




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The Suits actress even broke away from royal protocol by signing an autograph for a little girl, and posing for a photo with another young woman.



On the other hand, Prince Harry gamely conversed with Cardiff natives about how delighted he was to be engaged to Meghan, receiving much praise from the crowd about his lovely choice of a partner.



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Experiencing Welsh culture, Prince Harry and Meghan sampled traditional Welsh cakes and cheese, and even received a traditional Celtic love spoon before heading inside the Victorian gothic Cardiff Castle for private engagements.



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Later in the day, the prince and his fiancée paid a visit to Star Hub, a modern recreational facility that charity StreetGames uses to engage children and encourage young adults' social development with sports. Similar to his mother, Princess Diana, Prince Harry has made helping underprivileged children central to his advocacies.



Meghan and Harry today in Wales ????.

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The royal couple was treated to special song and dance performances by the center's young members, with Meghan even receiving a giant hug from an all-girl club at Harry's playful prompting.



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The engaged couple made their exit on a private vehicle before sunset.



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With four months to go before their big day, where will the couple go next? We can't wait to see!