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Metro.Style #HipAndHappeningMoms 2019: Amanda Griffin-Jacob


Amanda Griffin-Jacob is a great mom to kids Kalon, Kieran, Kyle, and Lila, yet she declines the much-deserved title of "expert mom." 

The thing is, she explains, when a woman becomes a mother, her personal journey of growth begins anew. A mother accompanies each of her children on their own paths of discovery, all of them different from one another and impossible to predict. A child's journey is as much as their mother's, and so, she makes sure that all of them are loved, nurtured, and happy each and every step of the way. 

The goal is not to become an expert at being a mom in the process; the point is to enjoy every moment, to soak in every little experience, because there will come a time when children are no longer the little humans moms remember them to be, but rather, grown men and women who can trek the voyage of life on their own.

Seeing how much her children have grown over the years, this feeling has never been stronger. Despite having nine years of motherhood tucked firmly in her belt, Amanda is still amazed at all the new things her kids teach her and the experiences she and her husband David have with them. 

Today, Amanda (who founded Glam-o-Mamas, a social platform that encourages like-minded modern moms to connect, share experiences, and discover the most innovative products for their little ones) might not consider herself an authority in the parenting arena, but she sure has pinned down one of motherhood's greatest lessons: life as a mother was meant to be lived with zeal and excitement, complete with its milestones, challenges, and everything in-between—not to be seen as a skill to be mastered. 

Live in the moment, and Amanda promises that your kids' smiles, laughter, and endless streams of "I love yous" will be all the proof that you need of your mommy expertise.


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Baby Kyle Tony


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As a mother of four, what do you appreciate most about motherhood now?

"I appreciate even the sleepless nights with my baby. I am cherishing every moment; Kyle is my last baby. You know the saying, 'The nights are long, but the years are short?' It’s so true. It encapsulates motherhood to a tee, because I blink, and my son’s nine now. I blink again, and he’s going to be a teenager. It goes by so fast, so I’ve learned to love even the most challenging moments because they’re fleeting."


What were the adjustments you made when you had your fourth child? Would you consider yourself an expert at being a mom now?

"I would never call myself an expert on parenting because kids are constantly changing. They all have different phases, and so I find myself growing as a parent with all my kids, but most especially my eldest... Does it get easier? It does in some ways, like the baby stage—I’ve been through it. This is my fourth time. It’s never really that easy but I’m definitely calmer as a mom. Little things don’t make me nervous anymore."


How do you manage your time?

"I'm based in Singapore, so I don’t get much help. I'm a meticulous organizer and planner. I have to have everything written down and planned out because if I don’t, things tend to go haywire. Each kid has different activities, they have different needs... But I have to be flexible to see where the day takes me, because no matter how much you plan it, something always comes up."


What practices from your own mom are you applying to your own children?

"My mom and my dad both raised us to be self-sufficient, so that's what I try to pass on to my kids. I try not to baby them so much, and I want them to stand on their own two legs and do things on their own—not rely so much on yaya and me."


When it comes to your children, what are you proudest of?

"Kieran’s ability to excel in everything he does. He does so well in school, and he's athletic. He’s a perfectionist, so even at this young age, I can see that this drive is going to take him far in life because he really wants to be the best.

"[With] Kalon, I’m so proud of his heart. That’s something I can't teach. That’s innate in him. He’s the most generous soul I’ve met in my life. How lucky am I that he’s my son?

"[With] my daughter Lila, I like how she can make everything around her beautiful, whether it’s [with] a drawing or [a] dance. She’s very artistic. She’s also a mini-me, so I like to hang out with her and listen to what she has to say.

"And my baby boy, he’s only eight months old, [but] so far he’s a sweet, chilled-out baby. Hopefully he continues to be like that. I’m sure I’ll be proud of him. I’m proud of all my kids."


How do you reward yourself?

"I reward myself everyday with my yoga time. That’s non-negotiable to me. It centers and grounds me. If I don’t [do yoga], I find myself really irritable and short of patience, then I’m no good for anyone. It’s part of my lifestyle."


What's one value you make sure to teach your kids? 

"I think everything in life is an organic, evolving process, so the one constant for me is that I want to try and help guide and develop my kids into being good, decent people. That’s the main theme that I try to impart, and it can be difficult because they’re little people with their own minds. That’s what we always have in our parenting philosophy."


"I look at my kids and I feel so honored to be their mother. Just those moments where they love you unconditionally—the hugs, the cuddles, the I love yous—those make motherhood all worth it" 



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