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Metro.Style #HipAndHappeningMoms 2019: Denise Aquino-Posadas

On Denise: Jumpsuit by Massimo Dutti and boots by Forever 21


Denise Aquino-Posadas is the girl boss behind hair extensions studio Tokyo Posh, the go-to of many local female celebrities who want that much-needed volume for their mane. The bubbly entrepreneur is now a mom to a cute 9-month-old baby named Mia. Since she runs her own business, she feels fortunate that she can work from home and get things going even while juggling being a hands-on mom.

While pursuing her interests in fashion and beauty gives her so much joy, having Mia gave her life more meaning. She now has more reasons to be happy and contented.

Motherhood is a job that requires attention 24/7, and she's up for that challenge. If she can be so dedicated and hardworking when it comes to being a career woman, she can absolutely multiply that effort tenfold, too, when it comes to being a mother. 

“Motherhood taught me how to be selfless. My life isn’t about me anymore, everything I do now is for my baby,” she shares.

A first-time mom, Denise is inspired and amazed by the way her mother brought her up. She takes tips from her while establishing her own parenting style, one that complements that of her husband Mias'. These days, Denise is like a student of life as a new mom, and each lesson this new chapter in her life is teaching her gives her comfort and confidence that she can do a wonderful job as Mia's mom.   


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On baby Mia: jumpsuit by Mango Kids


What’s a typical day for you now that you have a baby?

“Now that I have a baby, everything revolves around her already. But I try to set a time for myself in the morning. So I workout, do my grocery shopping, then I come back, feed my baby, make breakfast for my husband, feed my baby again, make lunch for my husband, and feed my baby again... so it’s a cycle. And then from time to time, I try to work from home, 'cause I have my own business. But lately, it’s been all about my baby. She’s nine months old so she really needs me, especially because she doesn’t drink milk from the bottle yet."


What is the most challenging thing about being a mom?

"For me, it's that you can never ever fully prepare for it. While you’re pregnant, you read a lot of books, but when the baby’s actually there, you still don’t know what to do. At the end of the day, all you need is your mom, a good pediatrician, and your husband, of course".


Did you ever have to go through postpartum depression?

"For me, it’s just like the usual baby blues, like suddenly realizing your body doesn’t look the same. Or, before, you keep yourself covered all the time when you dress up, but once you give birth and you need to breastfeed, you realize this is not just your body anymore. It’s really not just about me anymore."


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What advice can you share to moms who go through postpartum depression?

“Do everything to make yourself happy. For example, I’m a hair girl, so I change my hair a couple of times just to find the look I want, to make myself feel better. Because of course, after you give birth, you gain weight. And you don’t lose your weight easily; you can’t go on a diet because your baby needs your full nutrition. What I did was I changed my hairstyle, maybe nine times in the last nine months. So I’ve gone from short to mid-length to long and from blonde to brunette. Having the chance to recreate yourself can make you feel good. It may be a small change, but at least there’s something to look forward to.”


How are you getting back in shape after giving birth?

"I’m not yet back. I’m still far from my old weight. But I try to workout at least three times a week. I do that for myself, for my sanity. It’s like time for myself. I do Barre3 workout—it’s pilates, yoga, and ballet. I go there early in the morning after feeding my baby. I’m doing it for endorphins."


How important is it for you to not forget about yourself and your passions even now that you're a mom?

"It’s very important because it reminds you of your old self. That before being a mom, you were someone else, that you’ve proven a lot also as that someone else."


"As much as I want to get my old body back and fit into my old clothes again, It's not my priority anymore. I really try my best to have a healthy, balanced diet for my baby"



Photos from @deniseaquino


Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art direction by Butchie Peña

Makeup retouch by Al de Leon for MAC Cosmetics

Hair retouch by Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Styling by Gelie Manansala

Special thanks to HotDish


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