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Metro.Style #HipAndHappeningMoms 2019: Patti Grandidge Herrera


Trust in your baby, trust in yourself, trust in your support system, and everything will fall into place.

What a beautiful and refreshing point of view from first-time mom Patti Grandidge Herrera, who was a TV host and food blogger and the mommy influencer behind the Sweet Patti Cakes baking business. She moved to Manila in 2010 and got married to former DJ and entrepreneur Jon Herrera three years after. After a couple of years of marital bliss, Patti and Jon decided to finally start a family and, God-willing, on their first try, their first baby boy, Neo Anthony, came into their lives on August 23 last year.

Pregnancy can be nerve-racking, but Patti says she's made it through the whole journey a little easier than most expectant moms who had horror stories. In fact, despite the fact that Neo came a little earlier than expected, at 38 weeks and 6 days, this gorgeous mom took all things in her stride. From running her business and conquering the food world to now becoming a mom, Patti is cool, calm, and collected as she navigates the highs and lows of motherhood. With a grateful heart, she knows she couldn't have done it without the help of her family (especially her husband), friends, and fellow moms who have been generous in giving her practical pieces of advice. 


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What are some of the changes you had to go through when you had a baby, and how did you cope with and manage that?

"Everything! Physical changes, emotional changes, mental changes. The whole way your household works, your schedule changes. Everything revolves around the baby. It sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not."


How important is it to have a support group and mom friends to help you get through pregnancy and motherhood?

"It's kind of like I can see the future through Jess (Jess Tan-Gan is a very close friend of Patti, whose baby is just about three months older than Patti's). I know what to look forward to, basing it on what happens to Jess so I would ask her or the other moms in our group. We're all helping and supporting each other. In fact, when we learn something, we always feel like we want to share it with the other moms. We want to be encouraging, be supportive of each other. Because sometimes, you can only go to your husband or your parents for so many things. But when you have a group of friends who are going through the same things around the same time as you, you can just relate to each other so much."


Did you have any trouble breastfeeding?

"I was just honestly prepared for the worst, because of the stories of the other moms. So mentally, you're gonna prepare for that, but for me, in my case, I really had smooth breastfeeding journey. The breastfeeding classes are really important. You prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and Jess and I, we got really lucky."


Can you share some practical parenting tips and tricks?

"The Wonder Weeks app. It kind of outlines what happens with your baby until the first year. It really helps in the beginning, going through the baby's stages because your baby goes through the fussy stage, crying stage, then clingy stage."

"Also, you'd think Google is your best friend—but that can honestly be a good thing and a bad thing. I wouldn't advise to do Google because it's scary, but you won't be able to help yourself.

"And don't worry too much. I wish I didn't worry much because to be honest, in the beginning, as a first-time mom, if I hear him breath eratically, I would panic. And then my doctor would just be like, 'That's just their breathing patterns.' Any little thing that feels not normal, I would worry. As a first-time mom, everything is just a little more magnified. But I think I'm gonna be different with my second."


“Having a baby, I don't think anything can prepare you for it. The day becomes like a haze... But there's a strong mother's gut instinct and I followed that”




Photography by Stan Ong

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Patti would like to acknowledge Estée Lauder


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