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Inside Jessica Wilson's Stylish Life

Although most of us are only getting to know her better this year, Jessica Wilson has been a regular face in fashion circles for quite some time now. It’s not that she’s shy or intimidated about it; because, really, she loves to share her chic adventures online, and her thousands of followers love her for it. Rather, chance brought her to experience fashion in a different light: Behind the scenes, where glamour and style are both navigated with a sense of control.

At this point, it’s impossible to get to know Jessica without some reference to her older sister, Georgina. The two sisters were incredibly close, and in many ways, this came hand-in-hand with her fashion journey. “When my sister started [modeling], I would go with her to photoshoots, and she was so nervous,” shares Jessica, recalling the earliest days of Georgina’s career, when posing for a campus magazine was already a nerve-wracking gig for both of them. “I wouldn’t be in front of the camera, but I would be with her. I just remember going to all her shoots when I was younger. That’s when I started getting exposed to photoshoots.”

She isn’t just meant to be on standby, though. Jessica learned the ropes and politics of a fashion shoot on the spot, anticipating perhaps that her time will soon come. “I met makeup artists and photographers before I was put in front of a camera, so I also got more comfortable that way,” she says. In time, and with a little mentorship, she had accumulated her own network of creatives, and a discerning eye for style. “I didn’t have to be the newbie. They already knew me.”

It is no wonder then how Jessica has a natural flair for modeling, despite being rarely the subject of the camera (until now). She styles her looks effortlessly, but with every detail into account; mindful of angles and how the light touches them, she delivers her poses with a fluidity that can only come from years of experience. Yet, even with a future in modeling within reach, she looks ahead with caution and skepticism.

“I love to do it [every] now and then, I’m not sure if it’s going to be a full-time job for me,” Jessica admits, “But I think it’s also really fun to try it out, and put myself out there.” While many offers and endorsements have certainly come her way, she’s not one to bite more than she can chew. She carefully considers the direction, checks the makeup artists, photographers and ensures she has a certain level of influence. She’s not just there to pose; she’s there to deliver a style set to her standards.

Some of Jess' favorite things

Most notably, though, when asked what aspirations she has for a modelling career, Jessica responds honestly, “I don’t know.” To be fully dependent on a modeling career wouldn’t really do her justice. “I’d love more exciting roles, and exciting shoots,” she says, “I would like more creative roles as well. I like to be behind the scenes as much as I want to be in front of the camera.”

Without going into too much detail, Jessica hints at big pursuits she has around the corner, mulls on the prospects of being a creative director, and on keeping her mind set while her options open. In many ways, she is a fashion wild card; she claims to be taking things in stride now, although there is an air of certainty about her, like being on the cusp of a breakthrough. It’s only a matter of time now.

Jessica's style is the perfect mix of feminine and quirky

We asked Jess....
On how travelling influences her style…  
“When I travel, I think of where I’m going, and then I think, how do they dress so that I incorporate that in my clothes? I like looking at local style and local girls. What do they wear, and how do they put it together? How to look local?”

On how she defines her style… “My style is always comfortable, but always something interesting. I love to know about trends, but I’m not too bothered. I like playful, a bit daring outfits. I’ll just make sure it’s fun, but never too provocative.”

On her style icons… “I like the casualness of Jane Birkin and Alexa Chung, but I also like the sexiness of Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters. So that combination I think is such a good mix of fun, yet sophisticated.”

This feature originally appeared in Metro Magazine August 2017 and was repurposed for Metro.Style
Photographs Andrea Beldua
Makeup Mayesa Delos Santos for Make Up For Ever
Hair Mark Familara for Kiehl’s