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4 Inspiring Women Share Their Thoughts On Speaking Up, Practicing Self-Love, And Embracing Emotions

Let these simple reminders from these inspiring women motivate you to keep going and to never limit your own potential

Girl power represents how limitless women can be. It’s an expression of oneself, a choice of fearlessly making their dreams come true. It’s a mantra that serves as a reminder to keep moving and empower fellow women to step up, be heard, and be confident.

Early this month, to celebrate International Women’s Month, Rustan’s The Beauty Source gathered a panel of self-made personalities who advocate for girl power. This group of beautiful, successful, and inspiring women included Pinky Webb, Janina Manipol, Nikki Huang, and Joey Mead King. These women know what makes them unique and bold in their own ways, and encourage other women to take charge of their lives and go for what they want.

During their virtual event, which was hosted by Marie Lozano, these women shared some powerful messages that women can turn to whenever doubt starts clouding their judgment. Especially during these times of uncertainty, a message of hope and motivation could help ease one’s worries and lessen the anxiety. 

1. Let your voice be heard.

“In each and every one of us, we wanna be able to do what is important and to be able to stand up for what is right. I think that’s innate in every person. But with that comes some responsibility. When you stand up for what is right, there has to be some elements to be considered—you have to make sure your facts are right, your values have to complement what you're standing up for, and most importantly, you must be able to live it. If those elements come into play, one shouldn't really fear standing up, speaking out, and being heard.”—Pinky Webb

2. Take time to slow down.

“For such an outdoorsy person like myself, I realized how much of a privilege it was to be exploring the world, having the freedom to move around, and having human interaction. I'm never just gonna take it for granted anymore. This whole pause actually gave me the opportunity to reflect and realign. Sometimes, when it's quiet time, that's the only time you discover certain things about yourself—when you actually slow down.”—Janina Manipol

3. Acceptance is part of self-care.

“In terms of taking care of ourselves, I think that it's important to realize that we’re in a strange time. The word has been said over and over, but it is an unprecedented situation and it's important for us to remember that it will come to pass. It won't be forever, and we have to remember that we have that hope, that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, we need to stay busy but also spend time taking care of ourselves in whatever way we can.”—Nikki Huang

4. Embrace your emotions.

“I always say [getting into meditation] depends on what you're attracted to. I just can't say sit down and be at peace with yourself. In meditation, there are so many categories that you can play with that experience. [But my advice is to] get in a realm of discernment; get in a realm of no judgment. If you're feeling a little off, let it flow through you. If you're feeling joy, let it rise in you. Be open to everything that you're feeling. That's a great way to start.”—Joey Mead King

Photos from @pinkywebb @janinamanipol @nikkihhuang @joeymeadking

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