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This Fil-Am Instagrammer Made It To Oprah’s Inspiring Over-50 Influencer List!

Isabella Thorp is the first Filipina to make it to Oprah Magazine’s Top 10 Influencers List

Forget what you've been conditioned to fear about midlife—the big M, wondering if you've made the most of your prime years, empty nesting and what happens next, worrying about the right eye cream and if it's still appropriate to wear a bikini at the beach—because according to Isabella Thorp, you'll only be stressing over nothing. 

She's 51 years old, and can confidently say she's been there and done that, so ladies, she gets it. 

 The only difference, however, is that she simply glossed over all the anxieties that other women her age so often find themselves being consumed by; she strongly believes that this decade in a woman's life holds so much promise, and if only they opened their hearts and minds to discovering it, they too could release themselves from self-doubt and the fear of aging.

Take it from Isabella; as the woman behind the successful digital brand Confessions of a Superager (the same name that her Instagram account goes by) that focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content, she's living her best life these days and couldn't have been happier about having five beautiful decades of experience tucked neatly under her belt.


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Dividing her time between her urban abode in Maryland and her beach house in Rhode Island, USA Isabella was born and raised in the Philippines and moved abroad in August of 1990. It was there where she's lived most of her adult years and settled down, marrying her second husband Peter and getting to know her three step sons, Michael, Eric and Colin, while continuing to care for Matthew and Lexi, 27 and 25 years old now, her children from her first marriage, and her adorable grandson, Owen (who knows her as "Gigi" which, he will soon discover, means "Gorgeous Grandma"). Yes, Isabella is a grandma! (Oh and she's a fur mom, too, to Henry, a Havanese, and rescue calico cat Stella!). Isabella's son Matthew is a popular animator known as @mattyburrito, while her daughter Alex is a great graphic artist and illustrator.

She had been living a good life overall, until about two years ago when a friend of hers had made a suggestion that would turn "good" into downright awesome. This friend of hers suggested, though casually, that she would make a good "fashion influencer."

"I remember looking at her and saying, 'Yes! And I should call myself @confessionsofasuperager.' I was turning 50 in a couple of months, and I was contemplating starting some sort of blog to celebrate the milestone, and also inspire other 'midlifers' to enjoy this time in their life. The next day, I created my personal account on Instagram, and here I am going on almost two years with over 20k followers, getting paid for my collaborations creating content for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands," Isabella recounts.

In fact, her new role as a digital influencer producing tons of beauty and fashion content has become such an important part of her life that she's gone as far as showing her admirers the step by step process of how she converted her daughter's room into a covetable walk-in closet—talk about goals!

The rest, as they say, is history.


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And not only has Isabella gained traction with the public, but she's also caught the attention of one of the world's most powerful lifestyle entrepreneurs and talk show hosts—Oprah Winfrey herself!

She explains, "I was contacted by someone who was writing an article for their online magazine on influencers in their 50s and wanted to include me.  They asked for a quote that speaks to why these are the best years of your life."

The gesture was more than enough evidence to prove that there were women in need of the kind of message Isabella was sending; the idea that everything fun and beautiful about living a life as a woman begins to falter at 50 is but a myth, and it was about time to dispel it by using herself as a concrete example.

On the Oprah magazine website, the description of Isabella reads, "You can’t help but feel good while thumbing through Thorp’s feed. She exudes beauty—both inside and out—and confidence, while serving up beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. 'I am more confident today (at 51) than I’ve ever been,' she says. 'It comes with age, for sure, but I have also made a choice to embrace this midlife journey! The alternative is quite simply depressing. We are all going to age, so why not do it in style!?''


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Note, though, that Isabella works hard to be where she's at. Just as many other women making a name—and a living—for themselves in the digital sphere, they face tough competition and knowing how to play the game while maintaining sincerity and transparency can be a complex maze to navigate.

To do so, Isabella has made the following things her personal commandments: 

1. She has a weekly, and even daily schedule, and has enough self-discipline to adhere to it. 

"My normal weekdays days remain pretty much the same. I get up at 4:40 a.m., go to my 5 a.m. gym class, go home, feed the dog and cat, walk the dog, get ready for work, film my outfit of the day to share later in stories and film unboxing videos from my collaborations, head to work, post on Instagram at 3 p.m. (every day because that is when my engagement is at its peak), head home, have dinner with my husband, and I’m usually in bed by 10 p.m.," Isabella reveals.

Her weekends are just as full, but are reserved for content creation and hubby time. (Sunday is strictly for watching good old football with Peter. "My husband and I are die hard New England Patriot fans, and if we are not at Gillette Stadium in MA for a home game, we are home watching all the games. My husband likes to refer to me as the 'best Filipina football fan ever!' she quips). 

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2. She makes an effort to engage with her followers in personal ways. 

An influencer like Isabella knows that it would be totally contradictory be an inspiration to others without replying to inquiries, messages, and general well-wishes from followers in an authentic way. Social media users can tell whether someone is real and isn't, and  to make sure that she gets only good feedback on this front, she makes time to engage with supporters whenever possible. 

"I listen, I reply, and I genuinely show interest... I do believe it is super important to take the time to thank, reciprocate, and interact with anyone that takes the time to connect with me via a comment or direct message. I’ve always been such a people person that the 'social' part of media comes quite naturally to me," she shares. 


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3. Her Instagram feed's vibe matches who she is as a person. 

It's her charisma that sets her apart from other influencers serving the same niche, according to Isabella. The vibrancy of the smiles in her photos, the laughs that have been candidly photographed, and the gameness she has in posing in different OOTDs are a hundred percent real, a hundred and one percent her. 

"There are a lot of us with the same idea, brilliant content or even the same outfit but it’s in the way you deliver them that makes a difference. I am also confident and full of life, and I think that is apparent in my posts as well as my stories," Isabella adds.

Related to this is also ensuring that she is consistent and that the content she posts is always well thought, and never, ever  a "just because" kind of project or execution to let her say that she's fulfilled her post quota for the day. 

Her charisma is always partnered with a purpose in line with serving her market relevant content. 



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At 51, Isabella has certainly looked back to the beginnings of her newfound career as an influencer—a job previously only associated with millennials and the younger ones—but definitely hasn't thought about slowing down. She's only just begun, and there are many more stories and experiences she has yet to share, and even more OOTDs to enjoy and inspire fellow women by. 

When asked why she's chosen to seriously develop her brand and persona online, she goes direct to the point:

"I absolutely enjoy connecting with other like-minded women, no matter what age. I find inspiration via Instagram, and using this platform to hopefully inspire others to enjoy their midlife journey because the alternative is simply depressing."

And when you're as full of energy and positivity as Isabella, there really is no room or time or reason to be upset, not even a little bit.

Life goes on, and so will you. Things will change, but "change" is not tantamount to the end, to goodbyes, to closing doors for good. Each decade in a woman's life will surely hold different adventures and when it comes to your fifties—as uncertain of how you might feel about them—all one has to do to get a sneak peek of what they have in store is to look through Isabella's feed and realize that, truly, there's nothing to be afraid of. 

They might have told you that life begins at 40, but the party starts at 50.

Photos from @confessionsofasuperager