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Look! Isabelle Daza And Adrien Semblat Take Their Baby Boy On His First Out Of The Country Trip In Australia

The first-time mom is spending much-deserved downtime in the Land Down Under with her bouncing baby boy and the love of her life.



Matching everyday until he realizes??

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Isabelle Daza, who did a maternity shoot for Metro's digital cover girl in March for her birthday, is on vacation about two months into her lifelong journey of motherhood. She gave birth to a son in April and has been a totally hands-on mom ever since, sharing many of her learning experiences with her followers on social media.



Today marks my 8th week after giving birth. My breastfeeding journey has been both wonderful & a challenge: from learning how to latch the baby to burping him- then putting the baby back to sleep after burping, taking him a bath and worrying about jaundice, late night crying and singing weird rhymes to appease him... One thing I struggled with is definitely is my weight gain so i compensate by taking nice photos where I’m “glammed up” but the truth is this isn’t my reality! ??I just I don’t have the guts to post my eye bags and disheveled hair. Becoming a mom has been a learning experience and I’m loving every minute of it. Ok maybe not the 2am-4am feeding minutes. But now I’m ready to introduce the bottle so I can have a few extra hours of rest a night. #motherhood

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She's been especially vocal about her experiences with breastfeeding and getting back to her pre-natal fitness regime; often, the model, actress, and endorser gives her fan base a glimpse into her new life as a doting mom who's honest about the realities of caring for an infant.


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Now well enough to travel, Isabelle brings us to Australia where she and her husband, French businessman Adrien Semblat, have spent time together in the past before becoming a happily married couple.

Bringing their baby along with them to their adventures, they've already begun to influence their little one to love the great outdoors just as much as they do. See them enjoy a crisp day at Collingwood Children's Farm, explore urban attractions in Melbourne, admire rolling rocky cliffs at Cape Schanck, and even go on a beachside Bushrangers Bay hike together in the gallery below. 

Despite the ups, downs and in-betweens of motherhood, it's clear that Isabelle—and Adrien, at that—are doing great!

We can’t wait for the next update on their family journey!




Photos from @isabelledaza @adriensemblat