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In Photos: The Celebrities And Personalities We Spotted At Jewelmer's 40th Anniversary Celebration

When you’re celebrating your 40th year as the very first Filipino luxury brand, you’re entitled to throw a grand party and do it your way. And that’s exactly what Jewelmer founders Manuel Cojuangco and Jacques Brannelec did.

Held at the Shangri-La at the Fort, the evening started off with cocktails and canapés at an area where iconic, signature jewelry pieces were on display. On one side, there was a visual montage of Jewelmer through four decades. And there was also a table which showed how the golden South Sea pearls Jewelmer is known for are classified and sorted before being transformed into luxury pieces recognized all over the world. 


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Pearl sorting

Ushered into the main dining area, we were greeted by a musical ensemble playing big band arrangements. Hosted by Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, the program proper kicked off with the two founders welcoming their friends, media partners, and clients. Mr. Cojuangco attributed their success to a mix of blessings, grace, and luck; he talked about how even in his wildest dreams, he never foresaw the kind of global success that Jewelmer is now enjoying. In a more playful mood, Mr. Brannelec broke into Filipino to show just how at home he is here in the Philippines; he reiterated how Jewelmer is a very Filipino company, perhaps with French influences here and there, but a company founded on having "malasakit," and recognizing "utang ng loob." 


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Mr. Jacques Branellec

This was highlighted through a very unexpected guest speaker: a Jewelmer employee from Cebu who has been with the company from the very beginning, forty years ago. Rogelio Bas gave a stirring speech about his years in the company, and how their core values of protecting nature and the environment can still go hand in hand with being a commercial endeavor. This really brought home what kind of company they’ve fostered over the past four decades.



As the dinner service commenced, Mr. Brannelec talked about the new directions that Jewelmer is taking as it ushers its 40th year. Guests were treated to a new video featuring Solenn Heusaff, shot at one of their island sites, and a video of Marion Brannelec-de Guzman giving us the back story to the new logo designed by Isabel Gatuslao. And then, a very special musical guest was introduced: Popstar royalty Sarah Geronimo. What followed was the band turning the night into an all-out dance party. 

The signature pieces on display in the foyer had to be among the highlights of the festive night. Too often, we say Jewelmer and think only in the context of their famous golden South Sea pearls, so it was refreshing to see the pearls set alongside precious stones and creating new vistas and dimensions of the brand's designs that are truly inspired and wonderfully crafted.