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Manny And Jinkee Pacquiao Celebrate 20 Years Of Marriage—See Sweet Photos Of Them Traveling The World Together

Relationships are hard work.

And marriage, as many pairs of husbands and wives will candidly tell you, requires the greatest effort of them all.  

The lifelong bond, though full of love-filled occasions and beautiful moments shared with the one you love the most, is unavoidably peppered with ups and downs, and it's only a bona fide desire to power through the lowest valleys to make it to the highest peaks that sets the most fulfilling marriages apart from the rest. 


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For Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao, their marriage has blossomed into exactly this kind, and they're able to proudly look back on what they've accomplished together atop their very own summit. 

This year on May 10, Mr. and Mrs. Pacquiao celebrate 20 years of wedded togetherness, and we couldn't be happier for them!



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As she looked forward to the special date, Jinkee posted a throwback photo of her and her husband on Instagram, penning a simple caption that reads "Through the years." 

The couple officially became husband and wife after mere months of getting to know each other (Manny met Jinkee at a mall when she was a 20-year-old beauty consultant), and since then, theirs has been a journey neither can ever forget. 


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Five children completed their family, while Manny's robust career in professional boxing propelled Jinkee and Manny's lives from mere comfort to endless luxury. 

Everything was bright and well for years, until the couple hit several snags in their relationship—some so damaging that Jinkee had considered calling it quits for good.

It wasn't always easy for Manny and Jinkee, but as true love—and as a marriage that's worth it—shows everyone, nothing is too difficult to be surpassed.



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These days, the couple is known for traveling the world together and experiencing wonderful new things together, be they dining destinations, famous cities and their noteworthy sites, shopping for the finest things in life, or just simply enjoying time together at home. 

Jinkee is now Manny's number one supporter no matter what endeavor he chooses to pursue, and it's a beatiful thing to see how much she's come from then to now. 


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Without a doubt and with 20 years of sticking through thick and thin together, Jinkee and Manny now know what it truly meant to say "I do." 

To celebrate the heartwarming milestone with the couple, we've put together a gallery of 20 of our favorite photos of them at their sweetest and happiest. 

Congratulatios to Manny and Jinkee!




Photos from @jinkeepacquiao