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7 Real Moments We Love From Korina Sanchez's Motherhood Journey

Has it really been just a month since Kapamilya host Korina Sanchez and her husband, senatorial candidate Mar Roxas, became parents to fraternal twins Pepe and Pilar?



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Time flies fast when you're experiencing new things as this first-time mom is seeing for herself, yet in the short time that she's had her children in her life, she's already learned so much about motherhood and the practical side of raising two young ones at once!

Since the babies' big reveal in February, she's kept us posted about their developmental milestones, adorable photos, and all the the things she's realized along the way.


Here are some of our favorite moments from Korina:



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1. The power of words

Though they're way too little to understand speech at this point, Korina makes sure she showers them with kind words, surrounding them with whispers of love and care. The power of the spoken word helped make her dreams of motherhood come true!


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2. Shared effort

Caring for children might traditionally be associated with mothers, but Korina is making sure that Mar plays his part in raising their kids in the earliest stages of their lives. A dad needs to bond with his kids too and know the hard work it takes to make sure they're always healthy and happy.


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3. Skin to skin, heart to heart

Korina is a firm believer in the advice that infants need to be physically close to their mothers in order to develop that bond like no other. She practices skin to skin contact and letting them rest on her chest so they can listen to her heartbeat and feel the rhythm of her breathing. 


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4. Mommy duties

Needing help to look after one's child doesn't make a woman less of an awesome mother. But on the days when she is left to her own devices and must care for not one but two of them at the same time, the satisfaction of feeding, burping, changing, and putting them to sleep all on your own is extra satisfying! It shows just how capable a mom is of being a real-life superhero.


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Milestone. For the very first time, I am alone with my children. No one, but Mommy, Pepe and Pilar. My two caregivers I gave a day off to feel the snow on their faces, went to church and shopped for themselves at Ross. In 5 hours I got to change diapers, feed,  burp and put to sleep the twins 3 times! YEHEY, palakpakan naman dyan! At one point mukha akong social worker sa evacuation center. Stressed. But I survived. Kahit sabay pa sila umiyak. Found the secret. Kailangan sanayin sila to feed one hour apart. Para Hindi sabay gumigising and nagdedemand ng milk. Wonderful feeling to know I can take care of two of them even if I'm alone. Not easy. But doable.???? #NanayNiPepeEnPilar

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5. Immediate response

Just like any other mom, Korina was extremely observant about her children's development. Any physical and behavioral changes can trigger concern, so when Pepe developed a skin allergy among other things, a trip to the doctor was scheduled right then and there. It's the way moms are; it's always best to be safe than sorry.


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6. Self-care

It's easy to get lost in child rearing when you're meeting a babies' needs 24/7, but it's important to remember to take care of yourself, too! A mom is still a woman with other needs after all, and those include spending time with friends, going out for a shopping date, and making sure she looks her best despite being busy with being a mom. 


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7. The small things

Children won't always be children whose whole universe is just mom and dad. So before they grow up to become big explorers who'll set their eyes on what the rest of the world has to offer, Korina is making sure that they celebrate all the little things and make countless memories together that they can all look back to as a family for years to come. 


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