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Meet 23 Of the Hottest Male Athletes Melting The Ice At The 2018 Winter Olympics 

It might be freezing cold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea, but temperatures are on the rise, thanks to 25 of these magnificent specimens of male athleticism. Sculpted pecs, flexed biceps, solid shoulders, and toned glutes make up these men's perfect physiques, all of which, of course, are complemented by some of the most handsome faces you'll ever see. 

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When you're ready, scroll down, close your eyes, and bring out the snow angel in you to match the ice god in them. Enjoy! 


#s 1 and 2: John Daly and Steven Langton, USA 

John and Steven have tons of other teammates shredding the ice at this very moment. We wonder what they look like. 



#3: Michael Martinez, Philippines 

Yes, we have a delegate! Michael made history as the first Filipino to compete in figure skating at the Olympics in 2012. If you can take your eyes away from this snapshot, read all about his story here. 



First day back at the Gym! ?? #michaelmartinez #mcmartinez

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#4: Javier Fernandez, Spain 

Ola, Javier, ola. 



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#5: Kevin Rolland, France 

Who needs a glass of France's finest wine when you have Kevin to keep you company all winter long? 



#6: Shaun White, USA

One to emphasize the abs, another to highlight that angelic face. 



Half pipe prep....??

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Come celebrate @_whtspace with me at @macys downtown LA tonight. 6pm.

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#7: Axel Jungk, Germany

He gets our "axels" spinning round and round. 



#8: Omar Visintin, Italy

There's Omar on the leftmost, and as a bonus, two of his pals next to him. As if we needed more reasons to visit Italy. 



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#9: Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, Tonga

Would you like a slice of some pita bread? We'll take the whole bakery, thanks. 



#10: Gus Kenworthy, USA 




#11s and 12: Joel Fearon and Bruce Tasker, Great Britain 

Fear nothing, when Joel (right) and his bobsleigh brother, Bruce Tasker (left) are around!



#13: Lou Moreira, USA 

He's a war veteran and an athlete. 



#14: Andrew Poje, Canada 

Handsome with a heart. We melt faster than the ice can. 



#15: Chris Kinney, USA

Just imagine he's running towards you at that speed. Chris is the burly man on the very left. 



#16: Martin Fourcade, France 

The stamina of this one is quite impressive. 



What about your afternoon? Comment était votre après-midi ?

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#17: Steve Langton, USA 

We thought he deserved a solo shot, and you might agree with us, too. 



#18: Jossi Wells, New Zealand

We wonder what lies underneath that steely facade—and button-down shirt. 



#19: Hayden Smith, Australia 

Hello there, mate! Again, one image for the bod, another for that irresistible smile. 




#20: Nathan Chen, USA 

An athlete-Koreanovela hero crossover comes in the form of Nathan. 



Get yourself an Adam to take all the glamour shots of you ?? @adaripp

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#21: Henrik Kristoffersen, Norway 

Summer or winter, we'll have Henrik. 




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#22: Sven Thorgren, Sweden 

His boyish charm and adventurous spirit are more than enough for us. 



Summeeeer????P: @erikgunther

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#23: Ståle Sandbech, Norway 

Orange has never looked this good, yes? 



??????Sierra Nevada is way chill right now???? ??: @monsroisland

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Photo from @guskenworthy