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Meet The Inspiring Speakers Of The “Leading With Heart: Global Women’s Summit” Philippines (Part 2)

This summit gathers social entrepreneurs, teachers, publishers, and more to inspire, support, and engage women this coming February

This coming February, women changemakers from around the world will gather at the Palma House in Poblacion for Leading With Heart: Global Women’s Summit. It is an annual gathering of women leaders from around the globe, whose mission is to create an impactful, life-altering platform to inspire, support, and engage women the world over with ideas that innovate and inspire, and simultaneously raise awareness and funds for local charities in the cities where each summit is held. It’s been held in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City, and will also be held in London, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Paris.


Below, meet the incredible speakers who will be sharing valuable insights on the second day of the summit on February 2:

Tammy Severino, Robert Sigler, Rex Wong, Dr. Pauline Crawford
Tammy Severino, Robert Sigler, Rex Wong, and Dr. Pauline Crawford | Photos from Tammy Severino, Global Trust Group, Elev8con, Pauline Crawford

Tammy Severino

Tammy is the co-founder and managing partner of SevBerg Global, a creative agency with services in business development, copywriting and content, event production, brand management, and campaigns and presentations. She serves on the Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, S.H.E. Foundation, and Silver Hearts Sanctuary, and is co-chair for the Leading With Heart Women's Conferences in NYC/Las Vegas/Manila.

Robert Sigler

Robert is the founder, CEO, and investing principal of Global Trust Group & Ventures, Global Key Advisors, and co-founder of ABC Masterminds (Artificial Intelligence-Blockchain-Crypto) with 30 years of experience in accounting, finance, investment banking, mergers, acquisitions, capital markets, private equity & venture strategy and management.

Rex Wong

Rex is the CEO of Fliqs Media, an agency that offers social follower management and amplification, artificial intelligence and machine learning for automated marketing, innovative monetization, and more. He’s an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the Internet, technology, media and software industries.

Dr. Pauline Crawford-OMPS

Pauline is a Gender Dynamics Expert and CEO and Founder of Corporate Heart International, an agency that focuses on improving business performance through executive development, master classes, and more. 

Christina Hoag, Christoff Weihman, Joshua Blair, Edna Chua
Christina Hoag, Christoff Weihman, Joshua Blair, Edna Chua | Photos from Christina Hoag, Christoff Weihman, Joshua Blair, Edna Chua

Christina Hoag

Christina is an author, freelance writer/editor, a career journalist and former foreign correspondent in Latin America. She has reported for the Associated Press, Time magazine, and the New York Times. She’s also been a creative writing instructor at a maximum-security prison and to at-risk teen girls in South and East Los Angeles

Christoff J. Weihman

Christoff is a keynote speaker and a customer experience expert. He’s also the bestselling author of books on customer service and hospitality. He is the Founding President of the National Customer Service Association (NCSA) Las Vegas Chapter.

Joshua Blair

Joshua is the co-founder of BrandThumb, an agency that develops brand strategies, brand identities, and brand communications. He’s also a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP & Six Sigma Yellow Belt) and specializes in website management, user experience design, and more. 

Edna Chua

Edna is the co-founder of Palma House. She began her healing journey a decade ago, founding Holism Center and becoming its CEO. Through it, she aims to provide people of different beliefs, practices and backgrounds on health and wellness a safe space. 

Joshua Cohen, Rachel Jamiro, Michelle Barretto, Lia Bernardo
Joshua Cohen, Rachel Jamiro, Michelle Barretto, Lia Bernardo | Photos from Joshua Cohen, Young Living, Michelle Barretto, Lia Bernardo

Joshua Cohen

Joshua is a producer, director, and award-winning writer. He’s written and produced 30 indie scripts and pilots under Cohencidence Productions, LLC. He’s a co-creator of the Nevada Film Tax Credit and launched one of the nation’s first camera rental co-ops.

Rachel Jamiro

Rachel is a community building advocate. She was previously a full-time government lawyer. In November 2016, she started an essential oils business and this community is now over 32,000 members strong.

Michelle Barretto 

Michelle is a brand strategist. She is CEO and Head of Strategy for VitaminB, a brand consultancy specializing in strategy, design, and experience. In 2012 in Thailand, she participated in “Everything Forever Now Design Charrette,” an eco-design challenge that involved designing systems for sustainable change.

Lia Bernardo

Also known as the “Happiness Doctor,” Lia is a psychoneurologist and personal development training and behavioral specialist. She is considered one of the leading experts in personal growth and development in the country today. As an active member of the American and International Board of Psychoneurology, she utilizes the leading edge principles and practices of Psychoneurology and Integrative Health in helping and guiding many into their lives of wholeness, happiness and thriving.

Karla Delgado, Amena Bal, Mawi de Ocampo, Vaughn Pyne
Karla Delgado, Amena Bal, Mawi de Ocampo, Vaughn Pyne | Photos from Karla Delgado, ANC, Mawi de Ocampo, Vaughn Pyne

Karla Delgado

Karla is a healer and earth leader, the director of Kai Farms. She is a member of Slow Food, an “international movement that aims to preserve traditional and local cuisine using natural ingredients.” 

Amena Bal

Amena is a healer, social entrepreneur, and permaculturist at Kai Farms. She’s an advocate of organic farming along with her colleague, Karla. 

Mawi de Ocampo

Mawi is a Bamboo Wand Practitioner and wellness advocate. She writes at Mothers at Work Hub, and was formerly senior group brand manager of the Metro Group of titles in ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.

Vaughn Pyne

Vaughn is the co-founder and CEO of e3 Group Consulting, an agency that helps businesses build employee engagement so that organizations can maximize their greatest resource. He is a speaker, author and trainer with over 16 years experience in sales and training and he focuses on helping organizations tap into their most precious resource: its employees.  

Kevin Goff, Portia Gantioque, Elaine Kahn, Tina Lebron, Lita Peypoch-Fullerton, Michelle Aventajado
Kevin Goff, Portia Gantioque, Elaine Kahn, Tina Lebron, Lita Peypoch-Fullerton, Michelle Aventajado | Photos from Kevin Goff, Portia Gantioque, Elaine Kahn, Tina Lebron, Lita Peypoch-Fullerton, Michelle Aventajado

Kevin Goff

Kevin is a film producer and director. His interests include cinema, music, architecture, writing and cultivating the most effective measures to improve our humanitarian spirit. He is currently working on a documentary as well as a series of creative projects on his great-grandaunt, the late, Oscar-winning actress, Ms. Hattie McDaniel. Ms. McDaniel was the Academy Award’s first black Oscar winner for her role as “Mammy” in Gone With the Wind.

Portia Gantioque

Portia is a Senior Manager at Trend Micro Philippines a cyber security IT company that manages the global threat operations team in Asia, Middle East and the Americas, where they help organizations handle threats and serve as mediators during critical malware escalations. Prior to this role, she was a manager to a team who handled the deployment of Trend Micro solutions to customers in the Europe region. Aside from these roles, Portia has been a consistent advocate of wellness and inclusivity in Trend Micro’s employee culture.

Elaine Kahn

Elaine is a seasoned Executive Coach, Mind Body Science Instructor, Self-Mastery Mentor, and Health & Wellness Coach. She has over 20 years of experience in coaching and leading hi-tech organizations. Most recently, she served as the Worldwide Leader for Supply Chain Strategy and Operations, as well as the Executive Coach at Symantec Corporation, the leading Digital Security company based in Silicon Valley.

Tina Lebron

Tina is the founder of The Healing House, a place that offers angel reading, counseling, hilot, pranic healing, reiki, and more. 

Lita Peypoch-Fullerton

Lita founded Chosen Children Village in 1988, providing abandoned children with physical and mental disabilities a home environment with a family setting. 

Michelle Aventajado

Michelle is the executive director at Best Buddies Philippines, a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). 

Leading With Heart: Global Women's Summit is produced by SevBerg Global and Atma Prema Wellbeing. It will be held on February 1 and 2, 2020 from 8:45 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. each day. Admission fee is P2,000/per person/day. It will be held in Palma House, 6th floor, Holism Center, 6047 R. Palma St., Poblacion, Makati. To purchase tickets, click here.

Lead photos from Lia Bernardo, Mawi de Ocampo, and Kia Farms