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Luxe And Functional Gift Items For The Career Woman

These power women in the workplace can never be too busy to appreciate fine things. They will be delighted to receive any gift that is intended to make their lives easier, more efficient, more organized, and a tad more stylish.

Below are luxe gift ideas for a career woman’s desk and beyond:


No matter how techy the world is now, we still need to write notes, and doing so becomes more enjoyable when you use a quality pen. This fine ballpoint pen with twist mechanism has a luxurious black and rose gold color combination. Aurora Optima Deco Rose Gold Ballpoint, available on, €351.24


Pen Cup

For an OC career woman, her desk must never be cluttered. This pen cup keeps her writing essentials organized. This one is made of American walnut and sterling silver and has a sophisticatedly textured detail and finish at the base. Diamond Point Pen Cup, Tiffany & Co, $350



In the same way her power ensemble needs a touch of sparkle, her desk also has to have a bit of a glam element. This faceted clear crystal paperweight with brass details would be that gleaming object in her workspace. Leigh Paperweight, Ralph Lauren on, P10,551.53    



If she needs a techy update, the ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA laptop will surely suit her stylish lifestyle. Aside from having superb on-the-go performance, the 13-inch laptop with a 14-inch display is also extremely portable at 12.9mm thin and less-than-a-kilogram weight. It scores high on the looks department, what with its spun-metal finish and silky sheen as well as its golden diamond-cut edges and unique golden ASUS lid logo. Available on, $1,699



For on-the-go women who needs to work anytime, anywhere, a smartphone is an absolute must-have. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has amazing features. Its S Pen comes handy for all those note-taking during meetings. It has an expandable memory of up to 256GB, plus 15GB free cloud storage. It is also packed with Bixby’s intelligent image recognition feature that can translate foreign languages on photos. Available on, $950


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