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WATCH: Margarita Forés On Her Comfort Food, What She Eats On Her Cheat Days, And The Best Meal To Cure A Hangover

How do you spot an ultimate foodie in a restaurant? 

“They grab their phone and they shoot whatever they eat,” Margarita Fores, one of Asia's Best Female Chefs, says. 


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The chef and restaurateur, who graced the cover of Metro Society's Food and Travel Issue last month to talk about her gastronomic journey, tells it like it is: her comfort food is taba ng talangka with buttered rice, the best hangover cure is "a really greasy burger and a Bloody Mary," and she has Chinese food on her cheat days. She also shares other favorite meals—like what would impress her on a date and one dish she can't share with anyone else—as well as restaurant recommendations, but we won’t spoil you: watch the full video below!


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