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4 Things We Can Learn From Marivi Camcam, The Mom Of A Young And Promising Equestrienne

Her daughter, Nicole Camcam, is only 14 years old but is already poised to become the future of Philippine equestrian

Marivi Camcam is a founding member of Equestrian Philippines, Inc. (Equestrian PH), an equestrian services company led by some of the most experienced and internationally exposed individuals involved in Philippine equestrian sport. She serves as the organization’s Finance Director, and is also mom to 14-year old Nicole Camcam, a young rider often hailed by peers and publications to be the “future of Philippine equestrian.” Carissa Coscolluela, the President of Equestrian PH, talks of Nicole highly and matter-of-factly. “She’s always in the ribbons,” Carissa beams proudly. 

On a rainy day in September, Metro.Style spoke to Marivi about her daughter, the sport, and Equestrian PH. Here are the top 4 things we learned from her:

1. It’s not about where you train, but rather with whom. When it comes to training, it’s not about the school, or even the country. Most of the time, it has everything to do with the trainer. You find the trainer who works best with you and who suits you and your riding style best. “For now,” Marivi says, "There really is no school per se. It's more about a program of training and competing. For that, we've chosen to train with Colin Syquia, one of the top trainers in the United States, who happens to also be a Filipino and who has been on our national team."

2. Allow yourself to learn from healthy competition. In high school, you may be the top student in your batch, but when you enter university, you'll be going to school with tens of hundreds of top students in their respective batches. It’s the same thing with the level of competition in riding: you may be the best rider locally, but the moment you step on foreign soil, you’re easily competing with the best of the best—and often with better horses. "What's important is that you challenge yourself, and ride against your own best performance," Marivi points out.

3. When you find something you love, hold onto it. Marivi’s children are all into sports. “I always make them explore which ones suit them the most,” she shares. “Nicole started with tennis, then ice skating, then she decided maybe she’ll try to do what her sister does. Her older sister used to ride but not as competitively as her.” What matters is that when you find that one perfect thing for you, you have to commit to it completely, and this is seen in Nicole’s dedication and passion for her sport. 

4. Look for the best people to help you grow in the sport. Especially in a country like the Philippines, where it’s oceans and seas away from the “center of the equestrian universe,” as Carissa had once said, it’s hard to find the resources for horsemanship readily available. If you’ve got a kid interested in riding, or if you yourself think that this is the sport for you, Equestrian PH is backed up by decades of expertise and experience. Whether it’s finding a horse, knowing where or whom to train with, they've got you covered.

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In line with the mission of Equestrian Philippines, Inc. (Equestrian PH) to cultivate a rising crop of internationally competitive Filipino riders, JFJC Equestrian Training Services will be fielding a team of up-and-coming riders to this year’s inaugural Equestrian Philippines Riders Tour, a showjumping competition which will feature a Nations’ Cup (team competition) between Philippine and Malaysian Teams to be held at the Manila Polo Club on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

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